Showcase: Precious Few Heroes

Precious Few Heroes is a light-hearted look at the case for Scottish independence, exploring many of the myths and misconceptions that surround the debate. The film, written by Jack Foster and Alan Hunter, also examines the history of the movement, from the very foundations of the Union in 1707, to the North Sea oil discoveries of the 1970’s, to devolution, exports, inventions, and economics. Whether you’re a dedicated supporter, or open minded, Precious Few Heroes makes the positive case for independence in a way that’s witty, interesting and accessible to everyone.


About Jack Foster

Jack Foster was one of the creators of 'Precious Few Heroes', an online film released in 2010 to promote the non-partisan case for Scottish independence. Jack is a passionate "guerrilla media" campaigner for a left-wing, progressive, independent Scotland. He holds no affiliation to any political party.

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  1. Marija

    On the referendum question, Salmond appeared to say that a two-question referendum was possible. What could there be on the second ballot paper if not a question on fiscal autonomy?As for inevitability, few things ever are. But consider the context. Unionism in England is visibly declining. English, as opposed to confused Anglo-British, identity is on the rise. Support for an English parliament, while still at a low level, is much increased. A sense of grievance, justified or not, is on the rise in England, even if it hasn’t yet matched the equally unlovely sentiments and made-up history commonly found here. Unionist feeling still exists among English politicians, but that won’t long survive if the people hold a different view. One major national party has a clear electoral interest in disunion, even if they remain Unionists for the present. There seems to me to be good reason to suppose that the day will come soon enough when very few people will care whether the Union lives or dies. At that point, a repeat of the Velvet Divorce is more than likely.

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