Alan Knight (Filmmaker): Independence Will Bring Increased Confidence To Young People

Alan Knight is a talented filmmaker and photographer who has worked as a film editor for many years. During his career he has worked on feature films, documentaries, TV dramas, commercials and promos, for respected names such as the BBC, Channel 4 and UK Independent TV.

Part of his working career was spent as a writer while he was employed by the Multi-Media Corporation in London, creating scripts and voice overs for interactive CD-Rom’s. Since then he has been a documentary film maker.

Also a keen photographer; his book ‘Glasgow at the Crossroads’ was published through Stenlake Publishing, Ayrshire, in 2010, and is currently available on

The Edinburgh-based artist joins National Collective as a long-term supporter of Scottish independence. He believes it will bring better social justice, greater equality and less class division.

He said:

“I’ve joined National Collective as it is an important way to bring independence-minded people together, to build confidence and to stimulate creativity. I’m glad to be a part of it.

“I’ve had a strong desire for Scottish independence for many years. There are many reasons for this; for me the issue of independence goes beyond purely economic matters, although important. I want to see a nation with better social justice, more equality and less class division, and an end to poverty and deprivation.

“Independence will bring an increased confidence to young people in Scotland, who deserve a better future than the one on offer within the UK, which for me is no future at all.

“Resurgent cultural identity and political expression with a positive attitude can transform Scotland, making us more international, engaged with the world on an equal basis.

“Finally, I’d like to see a thriving media and film industry, one that represents the nation, that properly reflects the culture and challenges the assumptions and scaremongering that have being imposed upon us by a London-based media.”

Knight is currently setting up a new company named Invisible Emperors, to develop film and TV projects for domestic and worldwide markets. The first project in development is an intriguing animated documentary about the visit of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show to Scotland in 1891 and 1904.


Voices from the Barras

The introduction to a 25min documentary featuring stories and memories of Glasgow’s most famous market, the Barras.

Back to Sarajevo

Four short clips from 52min documentary about the inhabitants of Sarajevo, ten years after the Bosnian war.


A low budget trailer for “Shenzhen Global” film project. From zero to 14 million people in 25 years, the city of Shenzhen is the birthplace of modern global capitalism.

Cyprus: The other side of paradise

This is a trailer for a documentary project about life in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a territory without status.


‘Cyprus: The other side of paradise’; Director & Editor
Synopsis: A film about the state of a ‘non-state’, Northern Cyprus.
Developed through European Documentary Network, Storydoc. Trailer completed.

‘Voices from the Barras’; 26 mins – 2010 – Director & Editor.
Synopsis: A film celebrating the history of Glasgow’s most famous street market.
Financed by Heritage Lottery Fund, Scotland.

‘Ghost Show’; 42 mins – 2008 – Director & Editor.
Synopsis: Story of the Travelling Show People of Scotland, their reclusive, marginal lives, and a look at their remarkable history.
Financed by Heritage Lottery Fund, Scotland and Scottish Film Archive.

‘Shenzhen Global’; 2008/2009 – Director – Feature Documentary project – in development.
Synopsis: Documentary about the new city of Shenzhen, the birthplace of Chinese capitalism – from a village to 14 million people in 25 years.
Research in China & Trailer completed.

‘Back to Sarajevo’; 52mins – 2006/2007 – Director & Editor.
Synopsis: A story about Sarajevo, ten years after the Bosnian conflict; a poignant study of this unique city, and a reflection on conflict and regeneration, seen through the eyes of those with a powerful, emotional connection to the city.
Winner of best documentary award at the Roma Documentary Festival 2007.

‘The Art of Survival’; – 26mins – 1999 – Director & Producer.
Synopsis: A documentary film essay, a lyrical study of Yugoslav refugees exiled in London.
The film was purchased by ZDF TV Germany and broadcast on ARTE, in France, Germany & Switzerland.

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