Events: A State Fit For The 21st Century

‘Knowledge will forever govern over ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives.’ – James Madison

A meeting to discuss the shape and nature of a reconstituted Scottish state.

Now that the Scottish parliament has committed itself to independence, and to the notion that sovereignty rests with the people, it is essential to consider what sort of state the people feel is desirable.

Enjoy a distinguished panel including Lesley Riddoch, Gerry Hassan, Elliot Bulmer, Willie Sullivan, Ross Martin, Mike Small and Patrick Harvie at a ‘Question Time’-style meeting to discuss the issues. Each speaker will outline the elements of a Scottish state that they feel are important; then there will be opportunities to put questions to the panel.


The meeting is sponsored by the Constitutional Commission, a non-partisan, independent charity. One of the main aims of the Commission is to spread understanding of constitutional matters across the country.


Committee Room 1 of the Scottish parliament.


Thursday 28th June, 2012. Doors open at 1800 for an 1830 start, and the meeting will close at 2000.

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NB: The quantity of tickets are limited, so please make sure you actually turn up at the meeting if you book your ticket. If you cannot turn up, please cancel your ticket so the organisers can make the most of the capacity.

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