Project: Independently Minded

Scottish independence means something different to us all. Take part in the Independently Minded project to help create a video portrait of the independence movement.

If you were to summarise what Scottish independence means to you using only a few words, what would you say?

Videos you share with us will be collated to create a series of crowd-sourced films for the campaign.

How to get involved with this project:

  • Think of a short reason for supporting Scottish independence.
  • Write it down clearly on a board or sheet of paper.
  • Photograph or video yourself holding up your message to the camera.
  • Upload your video recording to YouTube and title it “Scottish independence means:” followed by your word(s).
  • Send us your link on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or E-mail.
  • Share your recording on Twitter with the #IndyRef hashtags.
  • Join us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for updates about the project.
  • You can enter as many times as you wish.

Filming tips:

  • Camera, mobile phone and webcam recordings welcome.
  • Make your message bold and clear.
  • Find a good location.

Scottish independence means…