Scotland’s Referendum: Equality

Scotland’s Referendum isn’t about two different destinations; It’s a fork in the road. It’s about the nation we are, and the nation we want to be.

We don’t get to choose our place of birth, our parents, our race, our gender, our disabilities or our sexuality, but all of these things can affect us throughout our lives in terms of income, relationships and physical and mental wellbeing. So it’s simply not fair that we should be denied the same level of happiness and opportunity as everyone else because of pure chance. One of the central roles of government is to ensure that circumstances outside our control don’t affect our ability to find self-fulfilment. Scotland has demonstrated a political culture sympathetic to greater equality, but we’re held back from acting on it by Westminster governments who prioritise ‘wealth creation’ and corporate lobby groups above the things that really matter. For equality, we need independence.

Vote Yes for greater equality

  • Social Attitudes Surveys show Scots to be more egalitarian than those south of the border
  • The Scottish Government were the first part of the UK to announce legislation on equal marriage
  • With independence, gender equality in parliament and business can be embedded in our constitution An emboldened independent parliament and public can take the radical action needed to reverse rising inequality 
  • Our smaller, nimbler democracy can engage disenfranchised ‘missing voices’ to create policy that’s tailored for everyone, not just the politically active elite

Vote No for growing inequality

  • UK elections are decided by an wealth-obsessed, individualist floating vote, who care more about lower hedges than lower inequality
  • Westminster’s timidity on equal marriage shows that it isn’t prepared to put equality at the top of the agenda
  • With a Tory-led government in power – that we rejected again – income inequality in the UK is second highest in the developed world, and is on course to become the highest
  • Rising inequality puts more power in the hands of corporate elites, who want it to keep rising

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Ross Colquhoun
Visual Artist and Blogger