National Collective’s Guide to Live Event Broadcasting

As the campaign for an independent Scotland gets underway it is becoming increasingly important to embrace all the technology and social media at our disposal.

The exchange of quick information, particularly images and videos, is giving mobility to political movements around the world.

Companies like Livestream and Bambuser aim to make broadcasting and live streaming more accessible to the public. You don’t have to be a professional photographer or film-maker. We can all document and share our own experiences of the independence movement.

We have to go live, and we don’t need camera crews or satellite vans to make that happen. New technologies are putting live video streaming into the hands of anyone with a laptop or even just a smartphone. This means that we can broadcast Yes campaign events live, and save them to be played later.

Here is a quick guide to some of the live streaming tools available for free to the public:

Livestream lets you stream live events over the Internet, expand your community and engage your audience when they cannot physically attend your event. Livestream helps the world discover and experience your live event from anywhere, on any device.

From conversations to conferences to concerts, Livestream is the easiest way to take your event online.The Livestream encoder transmits video from your camera into a live feed over the Internet so people can see your event in real time. With Livestream, you can distribute your content in a variety of ways – on your Livestream channel page, on aFacebook tabembedded in a website or through mobile apps.

Livestream is more than just an instant live feed. It’s a portal for real-time interaction. Livestream viewers can chat with each other and experience events as they happen. Plus your audience can seamlessly share the experience with friends across social platforms.

Bambuser is a simple-to-use live video service that allows users to quickly and easily capture, share and watch live video through mobile phones and computers. Bambuser also enables instant sharing to the world’s favorite social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. It’s available as a free service for consumers and no-profits and as premium services for commercial use.

Through their cooperation with Associated Press you can share newsworthy moments that can be seen by over half the world’s population.


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