Scottish Youth Theatre: ‘Independence?’

Scottish Youth Theatre’s Summer Festival 2013 will focus around the debate of Scottish Independence, it was announced today. The annual Summer Festival brings young actors and technicians from across Scotland and beyond together for a range of intensive courses followed by performances in leading professional venues. This is even more poignant due to the decision made by the Scottish and UK Governments to allow 16-17 year olds to vote in the referendum due in Autumn 2014.

Mary McCluskey, Artistic Director for Scottish Youth Theatre said:

Next year’s Summer Festival will engage young people in the debate on Scottish Independence. It’s even more important for young people to get involved and understand the issues, as 16 and 17 year olds will be given the opportunity to vote in the referendum in Autumn 2014. These young people are the future of Scotland and this referendum will affect their future.

“We’re very excited about the festival as it’ll not only give our participants the opportunity to build their skills and confidence through rehearsal, performance and production processes, but also allows them to discuss and voice their opinions about issues surrounding the Scottish Independence debate.”

Participants in the Summer Festival 5-week performance and technical courses, which will take place at SYT’s Glasgow base starting on 8 July 2013, will have the opportunity to take part in the performances which will run in the first week of August.

Scottish actor and SYT Patron, Paul Riley, joined young participants at Scottish Youth Theatre to launch the poster for SF2013 ‘Independence?’ and added: “Summer Festival is the highlight of Scottish Youth Theatre, and I’m delighted to be a part of today’s launch.

“It’s great that young people will have the opportunity to be engaged with the debate regarding the referendum. To explore all sides of the argument, allowing them to make up their own minds and come to an informed decision.”

Scottish Youth Theatre will also be offering their acclaimed Performance and Production Learning Programme during Summer Festival 2013, starting on the 4 July. This six week course is a practical and intensive chance to learn more about and build upon the skills needed in the live performer, and to gain a practical vocational qualification.

In its second year, this exciting course is the first of its kind in Scotland, which offers a unique vocational alternative to school and college qualifications, focussing on active, practical learning for young people. Last year, eleven young people successfully took part and completed the unique programme.

Successful completion of the Performance and Production Learning Programme will afford participants a qualification that sits between the Higher/Advanced Higher level on the SCQF at level 7 with 29 credit points.

Places are limited for Summer Festival 2013 and early booking is advised. Applications close on 25 January 2013 with auditions for the main courses scheduled for March.

For further information on the full range of courses in SYT’s 2013 Summer Festival visit their website or call 0141 552 3988