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  1. Frecklish1

    We need to start telling it as it is.

    The Unionist parties have been behaving badly, and condoned by the ALL the MSM in Scotland, following the anti-Independence/SNP agenda they have set for Scotland.

  2. Doug Daniel

    If we’re going to tell it as it is, we have to be totally truthful – the SNP don’t help matters. Obviously, you can only work with what you’ve got, so if Salmond is given a crap question, it’s difficult to give a good answer. But that doesn’t mean the ministers sitting around him have to become braying hyenas, going “ahahaha, that’s the funniest thing anyone’s ever said! Let’s point at the Labour benches and shout things at them!” As much as I admire them normally, John Swinney and Mike Russell are particularly bad for this.

    FMQs is a totally unedifying spectacle, and something needs to be done to sort it out, because it’s even turning politically-minded people like me off, never mind folk who already think “och, they’re a’ the same!”

    Imagine an FMQs where the unionists are all shouting, full of mock outrage and pointing, and the camera pans to the SNP benches to reveal rows of calm people, just sitting, listening to what the FM is saying. What a contrast it would be. People would soon see who the serious politicians are.

    As for the media’s role, as long as we have bottom feeders like Tom Gordon around, led by the likes of Magnus Gardham, there’s not much hope.

    1. Fourfolksache

      Exactly what I was thinking yesterday. Another thing that could be done is the first minister after announcing an investment in Scotland ,which is always met by deafening silence from the opposition, should pause and then ask them why?

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