Kirsty Keatch (Musician): We Have To Believe In Ourselves, Our Capabilities, Our Resources

I love the wide open spaces of Scotland, the white coral beaches of the Hebrides and humour of the people. I appreciate these things all the more because, when I was a child, I used to live in a tiny village in Ibiza . When everyone else seemed to descend on Ibiza in August, my family came back to Scotland and went on exciting road and ferry trips. Being a sensitive creature though, I always felt really sad about leaving one place or another and soon, I was using the imagery of the contrast between my two homes in my music, to express how I felt about transient and long distance relationships, in a broad sense of the word.

My music is based on looping up guitar driven music, and when I was younger, I heard a magic in the Reindeer Section albums, I loved the idea of all these musicians coming together in great creative sessions. Living in rural Ibiza, without Internet, my music was a creative but solitary pursuit.

When I was 16, I was a winner of the Make It Break It song writing competition for teenagers: Mark Radcliffe described my song, Little Butterflies as “a heartbreakingly gorgeous, ethereal pop track”. After that, I did a project with Ibiza Chill Out DJ, Jose Padilla and we released two singles with Warner Spain and had the fun of making a music video for both, Dragonflies and Helios. At present I am enjoying studying music technology at the University of Edinburgh, experimenting with the creative opportunities of electroacoustic music.

Out of all this I have become an independent learner, and I value the importance of self belief, self reliance and self sufficiency but not in a selfish way. I am proud to be Scottish, and having lived on a small Spanish island that’s fiercely passionate about its own identity, its own language and wrestles with the effects of isolation from central government, I can understand the vision of an independent Scotland. We have to believe in ourselves, our capabilities, our resources.

I am excited about how National Collective is encouraging the hopes and aspirations of creative Scots. Sometimes our dreams are impractical, but Scotland’s inventiveness, resourcefulness and creativity is a key to their realisation. I am fed up of negative and destructive attempts to play down Scotland through the media. Showcasing and encouraging Scotland’s contemporary art, music and talent makes a positive and crucial statement, building the confidence that is needed to take that leap of faith from indifference to independence.

Kirsty Keatch

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