Project: Icon

Icon is an exciting new project from National Collective designed to inspire a universal, iconic image which will become synonymous with historic campaign for Scottish independence.

Images have always played an important role in shaping our identity, our culture and our perspectives of history. Art has an immeasurable power to influence people, to inspire ideas and to motivate change. In 2008, ‘Hope’, the iconic image of Obama’s election campaign, became a recognisable symbol of change around the world. In every corner of the planet and in every era of history, political art and political symbols have accompanied and influenced movements for change.

‘Hope’ (2008), Shephard Fairey

Now that the Government cuts to the poorest in our society are being passed through Westminster, it is more important than ever to mobilise for an alternative and to promote it in a creative and accessible way.

At a time when the campaign for Scottish independence is being distorted by a chaotic and sometimes hostile media narrative, it is politically-minded artists who have the potential to make one of the most significant contributions to the campaign. This does not mean that artists have monopoly; far from it. Even if you have an idea but you don’t feel that you have the artistic ability to carry it out, sketch it roughly on a bit of paper and send it over to us. You could even describe your idea through writing.

Collectively we are creating art that we think will best spread our vision for a better Scotland. And over the next few months we will be showcasing inspiring works from political movements around the word, running competitions and exhibitions that you can get involved with and collaborating with some of our Yes campaign partners. We would like to invite you to join us in that endeavour.

It’s time to make your mark on history.

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