Join the Debate: Glasgow Launches Independence Referendum

On the 21st of February students at the University of Glasgow will be the first people in Scotland to cast a ballot on the question ‘Do you agree that Scotland should be an Independent country?’

We have support across campus – from student societies and our two student unions – for what will be a historic event.

Our aim isn’t only to provide a snap-shot of opinion. We want to encourage discussion and activism. That is why we are holding five debates in the lead up to the referendum. This will involve thinking about the crucial question of Independence: ‘what kind of society do we want to be?’

Over twenty speakers will visit campus in events which will take place each Wednesday evening. We have an excellent line-up including academics, writers, activists, students and politicians who will consider questions of democracy, social justice, gender and Scottish foreign policy.

We hope to focus the Independence debate on the future and aspirations of young people. We hope to empower those excluded and alienated from politics and the media. The eight societies – of all political colours – who signed up to the referendum stated that our events “shall be based upon discussion and education – not partisanship and competition.” Whatever the result of our referendum, this is what we want to achieve.

This is about so much more than party politics.  As Donald Dewar – the great Glaswegian and former President of Glasgow University Union – said upon opening the Scottish Parliament:

This is about more than our politics and our laws. This is about who we are, how we carry ourselves.”

We hope that the University of Glasgow can live up to that; and that we can build a debate that Scotland can be proud of.

Michael Gray
National Collective

University of Glasgow Independence Referendum is on Facebook.

And on twitter @GUIndyRef.

The first event is at 6pm, Wednesday 23rd January, Glasgow University Union with Andy Wightman, Dr Catriona MacDonald & Professor John Curtice.


About Michael Gray

Michael studies politics at the University of Glasgow. He admires creativity, optimism and education. He desires peace, social justice and good parties.