Music: Now Wakes The Sea – ‘Addressing The Haggis’

Who wants to hear Robert Burns’ “Green Grow The Rashes” set to slap bass and a synthesizer? Well, when it’s put like that, some reluctance is understandable – so we’re surprised but delighted to have fallen in love with this lo-fi selection of Burns’ music and lyrics from Bo’ness musician Now Wakes The Sea.

We always get a bit excited by anything that tries to walk the razor-thin tightrope between the traditional and the modern, and NWTS does it without so much as a wobble here (unlike the the hilarious but indisputably sacrilegious vandalism of Burns’ handsome features in the photo above, for which we refuse to apologise).

For a limited time only, you can download the album for a price of your choosing (go on, be generous) over at his bandcamp, which says this:

Now Wakes the Sea, a musician from the Forth-side town of Bo’ness, dabbling with lofi folk and experimental drone music, and mostly playing shows in the two cities that bookend the Central Belt.

‘Addressing the Haggis’ is a small collection of Burns music released to coincide with Burns Night, featuring poetry of the Bard adapted to music, as well as recordings of his traditional songs. From the famous (Charlie is My Darling, Green Grow the Rashes) to the more obscure (How Lang and Dreary is the Night, Had I a Cave), the songs of this short album, although archaic in nature, easily fit into the Now Wakes the Sea canon, whilst retaining the traditional aspects that make them so revered the world over, and is the perfect accompaniment to a meal of warm-reekin’, rich haggis wi’ champit tatties an’ bashit neeps.

Immediate download of 9-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

Available for free, but you can pay more if you’d like to!

For a limited time only!

released 25 January 2013