Better Together: Independence Means ‘Doom and Gloom’

It’s not unusual for Better Together to be accused of scaremongering. We’ve not been afraid to ridicule the No campaign, joking that an independent Scotland would be vulnerable to a zombie invasion and that independence would ruin Christmas.

But even we would turn away a satirical article claiming ‘Separation’ would cause ‘Gloom’ and ‘Doom’.

Yet Labour have produced a leaflet claiming exactly that. Handed out by activists and Glasgow City Councillors at Alex Salmond’s lecture in memory of Jimmy Reid, the leaflet claims that shipyards would be unsustainable in an independent Scotland.

The Doom Merchants

We could make the point that a lecture in celebration of Reid – who did more than anyone to ensure that shipbuilding remained on the Clyde and was a life-long advocate of independence – was an inappropiate time to make such crass claims. But instead we’ll just enjoy the fact that the No campaign have already entered the ‘self-parody’ stage.

Although it’s not the first time – remember the claims that the UK would bomb our airports?

Dan Paris
National Collective 

Photograph by Gary Cocker


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  1. richardgibbons

    Another Unionist BIG LIE. The ships are designed by BAE, they have the intellectual property rights and patents. Do you think a company like that will allow its ships to be built in another yard in Europe other than it’s own in Glasgow (Portsmouth being too small). I believe BAE would have a quiet word in the Defence Minister’s ear if the Tories made any real threats about BAE designed ships going elsewhere. Of course Liebour will say anything, absolutely anything to the people of Govan and Scotstoun, except the truth! One yard (probably Portsmouth) will close this year, so being in the Union guarantees nothing!

  2. Markus Weldon

    With the kindest regards Dan – I think this subject required a serious response. Please don’t misunderstand. I like to have a laugh at the expense of the opposition.

    Please consider that there are many people searching for information just now primarily because the negative information coming from the constant ‘No’ campaign is not always dispelled urgently enough by the ‘Yes’ campaign.

    Remember there is a malaise and inertia within a large section of the voting public who will not ‘click’ on external links and will equally not read long reports or explanations in ‘readers’ comments.

    So please, since you have this platform available to you please consider using it to produce conclusive information which renders Ian Davidson’s pamphlet as another piece of scaremongering.

    His own constituents, many who work at BAE hang on his every word. We have got to take every opportunity to prove them wrong.
    Kindest regards

  3. Ricky Myles

    Odd that Finland with population roughly the same as Scotland seems perfectly capable of maintaining major STX shipyards at Turku and Rauma despite being at the chilly end of the Baltic.

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