National Collective’s Songs Of The Week #1

The campaign for independence would be no fun without a decent soundtrack, so we’ve decided to give you a weekly sampler of what some of our members are listening to as they work away at building a better nation. Here’s a selection of our picks, and you can listen to the full playlist on Spotify here.

Ross Colquhoun, Visual Artist – “Playing on my Spotify this week is ‘I Love You’, the latest cinematic masterpiece from Woodkid. It’s rhythmic and delicate at the same time, and hits you with both power and intensity.”

Kirsty Keatch, Musician ‘Ghosts’ from On and On’s debut album could have been one of the songs that made me pick up the guitar 10 years ago, along the road that bumped into Postal Service and Shins; it’s like meeting an old friend and realising how much you like them and more

Gary Cocker, Writer – “For the next several months all you will get from me are different tracks from the new Frightened Rabbit album, Pedestrian Verse. This weekend it’s been ‘Housing (In)’. It’s a short track about how musicians never have that much time at home, which has been relevant for me since I only get a chance to pop up to Dundee every few weeks or so.”

Jenny Lindsay, Poet – “I’ve been really enjoying ‘Modern Drift’ by Danish legends Efterklang this week!”

Ben Judge, Writer – “I’ve had the Unwinding Hours’ self-titled debut on repeat for the best part of the last two weeks. It’s a haunting combination of anthemic and melancholic guitar music, and ‘Knut’ is the opening track.”

Alex Boyd, Photographer – “I’m currently listening to Momus (a.k.a Nick Currie), one of Scotland’s greatest living and most difficult to define creatives. An author, a musician, a social critic, avid Japanophile, film maker – the list goes on. I’ve had his soon to be released album with fellow Scot David Mccclymont, the imaginately named  ‘Momusmcclymont’ as the soundtrack to my current journey across the US. One track which I’ve been particularly drawn to is ‘The Snowdog’ – his typically introverted lyrics complemented by large orchestral stabs, giving it the air of a lost and rather downbeat bond theme. The accompanying video which shows off his great skills as a hawkish recycler of popular culture, has a cheeky nod to Bowie, and is inseparable from the song.”

Alex Aitchison, Illustrator & Photographer – “Bruce Springsteen’s ‘We Take Care Of Our Own’. The boss yet again making the perfect soundtrack to the everyday lives of a generation.”

National Collective Song of the Week playlist

Photograph by Peter McNally