The People’s Independence Tour: Join The Assemblies Across Scotland

In towns and cities across Scotland the Radical Independence Campaign is organising local assemblies to discuss how independence can bring radical change.

Over 800 people attended the Radical Independence Conference last November to discuss radical ideas for an independent Scotland. We want to take the spirit of the conference across the country. Already groups have formed in Edinburgh and Dundee, while the Glasgow launch meeting is next week.

We want the assemblies to involve as many people as possible from local campaigns, political parties, community groups and more. The assemblies can be a place to have YOUR voice heard and turn your ideas into action.

We believe another story of independence must be heard – the story of a people’s independence for the millions not the millionaires.

Along with the initiatives that are developed from the assemblies, we can:

  1. Provide a space for people across Scotland to make their voice heard about how they are suffering under austerity Britain, ask questions, bring campaiging ideas forward and learn from their role in people’s movements against the Tories like the anti-poll tax campaign and what they would want to achieve through independence.
  2. Counter the scaremongering of the No campaign by providing real arguments about how independence could help us redistribute wealth from rich to poor, empower our communities, end the Tory cuts nightmare and create a Scottish welfare state that we can be proud of.
  3. Show a specially produced tour video with footage from the Radical Independence Conference and the case for a People’s independence.
  4. Kickstart RIC grassroots activism in every local area, including a voter registration campaign which will try to enfranchise people who have never been inspired by mainstream political parties to get registered and to vote for independence.
  5. Build support for the Scrap Trident demonstration: let Scotland lead the way to a nuclear free world – national mobilisation from 13-15th of April.


Get involved in the People’s Independence Tour

The People’s Independence Tour will be held from mid-March to April.

RIC is a campaign that will be lead by the action and activity of activists delivering on the ground. If you want to set-up an assembly and help to develop a local group in your area please get in touch. We have had people from the following areas already confirm that they would like to set up an assembly and form a local group in their area (details TBC), some of these already meet so please do get in touch:


Dumfries and Galloway:
Email –
Call – 07814189636
Facebook page: RadicalIndyDG
Twitter: @RadicalIndyDG

Email –
Call –  07894994117

East Kilbride:
Email –
Call – 07727723152

Email –
Call – 07545891704

Email –
Call – 07846130273

Email –
Call – 07925428729

Email –
Call –  07740866938

Email –
Call – 07765771206

Email –
Call –  07598253593

Call – 07804877613
Facebook: RadicalIndependenceDundee

Email –
Call – 07813085896

Email –
Call – 07783353333

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