National Collective’s Songs Of The Week #2

Welcome to the second installment of our Songs Of The Week series, where we try to prove that behind the campaign there are some ordinary(ish) folk with lives outside politics. Take a step back from the debate, enjoy some songs with us, and try to ignore the growing frustration of our music editor as he tries to scramble together contributions from busy students. You can listen to the full playlist on Spotify here.

Kirsty Keatch, Musician – “This song makes me feel like summer’s just around the corner, perfect for driving through Fife on a sunny day.”

Dan Paris, Television Personality (Apparently) – “This is an absolute tune.” (we really don’t understand how this level of critical engagement gets him on telly)

Michael Gray, Television Personality (Apparently) – “I like this. I once broke into their changing room. They were very nice.” (Seriously?! People are happy to broadcast this standard of comment?!)

Amy Westwell, Writer & Musician – Amy just quoted some lyrics from the song at us. We’re going assume that our members are all very busy at the moment.

Ross Aitchison, Architecture Student – “A title apt for Valentines Day just passed but also an ode to dreaming.”

Andrew Barr, Writer & Mapmaker – “This week I’ve been listening to Anderson McGinty Webster Ward and Fisher, a new band from Perthshire. I like their ‘Pigeon Song’ video, about escaping the rat race.”

Allan McCredie, Photographer – “This week I have finally been able to give My Bloody Valentines ‘mbv’ a proper listen. Really enjoying the final track ‘Wonder 2’: a frenetic drum track backing up orchestral sounding guitars and a vocal that sounds as if it was recorded on another continent to the rest of the song. And may or may not be backwards. Perfect.”

Gary Cocker, Writer – “I’m on a bit of a musical nostalgia bent at the moment. This is the best track from one of my favourite albums when I was 17/18, and is also the perfect length for a shower tune- what more could you want?”

Rory Scothorne, Writer & Songwriter – “I’ve been listening to a lot of Godspeed You! Black Emperor recently – dark, angry and beautiful post-rock that unfolds a little more with every listen. It tends to soundtrack my late-night essay meltdowns and the occasional brooding walk through town. Saint Louis, where I’m on an exchange year, is one of America’s formerly great but now fading rustbelt cities, and GSY!BE’s dystopian epics are a perfect match for that very midwestern blend of tragedy and beauty.”

Ross Colquhoun, Visual Artist – “The youth of the Scottish independence movement could learn a lot from Jamaican dance-hall”

National Collective Song of the Week playlist

Photograph by Peter McNally