Top 10 Unionist Myths — DEBUNKED — BANNED — RE-DEBUNKED

Jack Foster created a short film and shared it on National Collective. Then things got interesting…



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  1. ros clyde

    Better Together said: “slag off politicians, fine,but we will protect ordinary Scots who have appeared in our videos from their image being misused”.

    They had the duty to tell them their image may be used and should have had them sign a disclaimer as is normally done. THEY recorded their image and are ultimately responsible if they never provided a disclaimer to the people – and if they did – then it would have been standard wording without conditions allowing BT to use (or abuse) their images as they seen fit. If a disclaimer was signed, there’s nothing! – If one wasn’t signed – there’s still nothing!

  2. whirleygig

    Alistair [email protected]_DarlingMPYouTube: something we won’t get access to in a separate Scotland – can barely access it now.

    Did everyone miss this!? Alistair Darling claims that an independent Scotland not only wouldn’t be allowed in the EU or to get the BBC, but it wouldn’t have access to the internet. Maybe a post-independence Scotland really WOULD be a lawless savage wasteland of poverty and cannibalism!

  3. Max Bennie

    National Collective could learn a thing or two about freedom of speech and balance. You showed plenty of comment from your side of the debate, but barely gave the other any platform at all. Shame on you. Turns out you’re just as bad as them.

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