Poem: Better Thegither

Jason Henderson is a 27 year old full-time Scottish Literature student at Glasgow University who writes articles, prose and poetry in his spare time. From Blantyre in Lanarkshire, Jason is a lifelong supporter and active campaigner for Scottish independence.

Independence? Naw, cannae say ah’ve approved,
An’ fae whit ah hear thir’s nae bluimin’ chance.
Passport checks at the border, an’ the pound removed?
At least that’s whit ah’ve picked up fae the Scotsman’s neutral stance.
Dinnae git me wrang, it’s aboot time tae be a better nation
But, tae be honest, ah’ve resigned masel tae the current stagnation:
Stuck in a Union o’ stale mediocrity forever.
Aye, wur ayewis better thegither.

“Yir too wee,” thuv telt us, ower an’ ower,
“Ye couldnae hack it if we went an’ set ye free.”
Aye, too stupit an’ weak tae wield oor ain power,
Huv ye no seen the latest oan the BBC?
Wur the world’s hypal, sure, jist nochtie and wabbit,
Oor fowk too thick and oor land too scabbit.
“It’s jist nae wirth the hassle, son, sic a risk isnae cliver!”
Aye, wur ayewis better thegither.

Ah’m no sae daft – ah git that London’s aw whit really maiters,
It’s where ye’ll fun yir unelected peers jist swannin’ aboot relaxin’.
The rich yins ur fir aw this government really caters,
And fae Polls tae Bedrooms, the current arrangement is taxin’.
But shuirlie it’s irrelevant if ah ken deep doon in ma hairt
That when it comes tae oor needs wur jist miles apairt?
“Yer the runt ay the litter, pal; best stey wae yer mither.”
Aye, wur ayewis better thegither.

Use oor riches an’ skills tae fight puirtith an’ hunger?
Build a fairer society where nukes ur banned?
Away! Oor tax will go tae fund the next war-monger
Voted intae Nummer Ten by a neibourin’ land.
Of course, ah hope wan day ma aspirations decide tae reappear
But aw ma self-belief’s been right duntit by tales o’ fear.
Jist when ah think ah’ve shrugged it aff, the Daily Record makes me quiver.
Aye, wur ayewis better thegither.