‘Better Together’ Are Stifling The Independence Debate

Earlier this month we published an article that raised serious questions of the half-a-million pound donation given to the ‘Better Together’ campaign. It has received a huge response, as has been documented here.

Despite the very serious questions raised by the piece – all of which are backed up by credible sources – ‘Better Together’ are attempting to ignore all of its questions. They are hoping that it will go away.

Not only have our questions been raised on our website and repeatedly on social media, we have had no response from Better Together since writing to them. This is despite concerns being raised in both Westminster and the Scottish Parliament.

We have become aware that ‘Better Together’ have been censoring their facebook page to stop Scots asking questions about their funding sources.
National Collective have investigated this. We have found that ‘Better Together’ are hiding all mentions of the National Collective article ‘Dirty Money: The Tory Millionaire Bankrolling Better Together’. The screen-grabs below document this. Facebook allows administrators to make comments as ‘spam’ so that they are only seen by friends of the poster. Why are No campaign administrators hiding these comments and others?


When marked as ‘spam’ the comment remains visable to Ross and his Facebook friends.

When marked as ‘spam’ the comment is no longer visible to those who are not Facebook friends with Ross.


Following on from the removal of the ‘Top Unionist Myths’ video by Better Together and the legal threats issued against this website, there is a theme emerging – the No campaign are choosing to shut down debate rather than engage with us.

Considering their approach so far, it didn’t surprise us to see that the Better Together ‘local’ facebook groups appear to all be posting from Glasgow, where the Better Together HQ happens to be based.



On top of this, reports that Better Together are still sending unsolicited texts raises questions over what the No campaign mean by a ‘grassroots’ campaign.

What else are they hiding?

We repeat our questions from before:

  1. Do Better Together believe it is good practice to accept a large donation from Ian Taylor in light of concerns raised by National Collective and others over the business practices of Vitol?
  2. Do Better Together believe it is acceptable to accept a large donation from an individual who is not eligible to vote in the independence referendum?
  3. Do Better Together believe that their principle donor threatening legal action against their political opponents is in the spirit of fair and open debate?

There cannot be a fair or open referendum if the Scottish people are left in the dark. We need to have the facts. We need to know the truth.

Photograph by Omar Zingaro Bhatia