Our Petition to the Scottish Parliament: Demand a Fair Referendum

Alistair Darling has accepted £500,000 on behalf of Better Together from Tory donor Ian Taylor. John Mann, Labour MP, called Mr Taylor’s donation to the Conservative party “dirty money”. Serious questions raised on National Collective and in The Herald relating to Mr Taylor’s business background have been ignored.

Better Together must return this money pending a full internal investigation. Whatever your view on the referendum, the Scottish public deserves to know the truth about how our politics is funded.

There cannot be a fair referendum if money is solicited from outwith Scotland or from rich Tory donors who do not vote in Scotland.

There cannot be an open referendum if funding comes from unethical sources. Our politics is once again tarnished by ‘dirty money’ and vested corporate interests.

We are submitting the following to Parliament:

“Calling on the Scottish Parliament to examine the circumstances and issues in relation to Mr Ian Taylor’s £500 thousand donation to the No campaign for the referendum on an independent Scotland, as publicised in a range of authoritative media sources.”

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