It was the ingenious idea of Better Together – to publish a list of 500 questions and uncertainties that needed answered by Yes Scotland. What could possibly go wrong? Er, well, maybe they weren’t expecting anyone to read their list, but we did.

Naturally, the online independence community soon took to Twitter and started asking their own questions such as “Will Vitol want their donation back in an independent Scotland?” and “Will Scotch eggs be renamed freedom balls?”

Here are some of our favourite responses. Add your own in the comments section below.



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  1. M. K. Hajdin

    More very important questions:
    Will carbon-based life forms still exist in an independent Scotland, or will everyone have to switch to silicone?
    Who wrote the book of love in an independent Scotland?
    Why does my cat like to piss in the shower drain? Will she continue to do so in an independent Scotland?

    1. jdmank

      “bite me”
      bwuahhaaaaahaaaa haaaaa
      I dont know whats funnier that, or you cat pissing in the shower drain ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
      how the hell did you teach your cat to do that, and do you think I can teach mine?

  2. Euan Matthews

    In an Independent Scotland will we have to stop making 500 question jokes. Its the only end of them I can see

  3. Janet Moxley

    Will falling off your chair laughing be prohibited on Health and Safety grounds in an Independent Scotland?

  4. Janet Moxley

    Has the Scottish Government considered what trade agreements should be put in place to allow Irn Bru and Tunnocks Teacakes to be exported from in Independent Scotland to rUK and does it have the necessary skills and expertise to be able to police these agreements?

  5. Janet Moxley

    Has the Scottish Government considered the cost of having to alter the tune of “Flower of Scotland” to include the word “Independent”, and the associated costs of having to retrain musicians in publically funded musical groups in playing the revised version?

    1. Graeme Stevens

      But we have just risen now, and become the nation again,
      that stood against him, proud edwards army
      and sent him homeward
      to pay fur his debt.

      No as catchy but workable. Maybe get Runrig to create a new Anthem?

  6. John Hamill

    Will Oor Wullie be hit by a Pail Tax
    Will the Broons move to Kent
    Will Eastenders still have a job for violent nut job Scot
    Will Greggs still sell Scotch Pies.
    Will people in England still be the only people to eat Scotched Eggs.

  7. Mafia

    Ken this oil stuff that’s so horribly volatile in an independent Scotland? They’ve just announced that they’ve found a lot more, we’d better get rid of it before it ruins us all. Has anyone tried burning the stuff?

    (Ta, Clootie)

    1. Graeme Stevens

      Well me for one. My father is English, my mother is Scottish, I was born in Scotland. And (shock horror) I want Scotland to run its own affairs! SInce when is the right to run your own country racist anyway? Does Stewey no realise there are English MSPs who are in the SNP and English voters of the SNP?

  8. Dave_2045

    Two questions (sorry)

    If the Vote looks like going the YES way, will Nicola Sturgeon get a visit from an Arkan type?

    If the Vote actually goes the YES way will Alistair Darling get a visit from an Arkan type?

  9. jdmank

    will the water in our bath go down the plughole clockwise or counterclockwise
    this is important we need answers

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