Trust The Scottish People

Do we or do we not want to bring power and decision-making closer to the people of Scotland? We believe that when you make decisions in Scotland that address Scotland’s needs and reflect Scotland’s circumstances, as well as taking account of the needs and concerns of the diverse communities that make up Scotland, there will be better decisions.

“Trust. Trust ourselves to take decisions affecting our schools, our hospitals, our jobs, our housing and how we use the power to tax. On Thursday we have the opportunity to show faith, have hope take courage, an opportunity by voting ‘Yes Yes’ to establish a People’s Parliament.”

Jim Wallace, 1997
Better Together

Taken from  Scotland Debates – Devolution (1997). Watch the full debate here via STV.


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  1. creature

    It’s worth watching the whole debate – it really is awe inspiring – an engaged and knowledgeable audience in an open debate – why can’t we see this now? It’s gobsmacking how the No No rhetoric is almost exactly the same as No Together’s, and is the perfect example to show-up the current scare stories for what they are.

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