Harry Giles (Poet): Aye But

Aye, but hit’s no as if Scotland wis a nation foondit on onything ither than imperialism n conquest.

Aye, but hit’s no as if gin ye stamp oot the thistles onything ither will growe in thair steid.

Aye, but hit’s no as if aw this wurds n leids for “Scotland” are orbitin onything ither than a gapin black hole, n the anely thing gaun for that singularity is that hit haesna spewit oot as muckle sharn as “Britain” yet.

Aye, but Yes Scotland have gat a haund haudin a bonsai tree on thair website n that gies me the teemin bowk.

Aye, but a resistans foondit on nationalism is an alienatit resistans (cheers Tom).

Aye, but nationalism is empie.

Aye, but patriotism is for scoundrels.

Aye, but for aw that n aw that (facepaum) votin for a different state daesna equal votin for self-determination

Aye but independens is no the reid peel.


Aye, but Holyrood isna that mair local tae ma hame than Westminster.

Aye, but mair states daesna necessarly equal mair localism, n hit certainly daesna equal ony sort o direck democracy.

Aye, but Scotland haes gat wan o the maist unequal paitrens o laund awnin in Europe (cheers Andy) n hit’s no as if Holyrood’s duin muckle tae cheenge that noo n are thay really gaun tae be ony less in the pootches o lairds n that efter thay’ve gotten thair border A mean we’re gaun tae haud ontae the Queen for God’s sakes.

Aye, but hit’s no as if we’re gaun tae gat oor toon cooncils back noo, is it?

Aye, but a state is a state is a state.


Aye, but the Nats are no a progressive alternative.

Aye, but thay’re wantin tae cut corporation tax by the wey.

Aye, but thay’re fully supportin the expansion o the ile industry wi deepwatter drillin n aw.

Aye, but the decision-makkin pouer o the Scottish state will still be subjeck tae the vagaries o global capital (cheers Mike).

Aye but Trump, but Murdoch, but suspeck creashie haundshaks ower laden tables.

Aye, but the Nats are the girnin howdies tae neoliberalism.

Aye, but thay’re gaun tae cut us.

Aye, but thay’re gaun tae cut us.

Aye, but thay’re gaun tae cut us.

Aye, but fuck, NATO.


Aye, but if this is the best we can do for social justice then we’re fairly shentit.

Aye, but if makkin it a wee bit better up here is foondit on makkin it waur dounby thair (n A ken hit michtna but ye’ve got tae ask) then hit cadna iver be wirth it n if makkin it a wee bit better up here is foondit on dividin a muivement n makkin it hairder tae organise (an A ken it michtna but yev’e got tae ask n mair importantly ye’ve gat tae mak shuir hit daesna happen that wey) then hit wid hae tae be opposit.

Aye, but if aw we’re daein for social justice is puttin aw oor virr intae drawin a dottit line on a map then the heidyins are snirtin thay’re road up a moond o weel-willy corpse wi petitions stecht in thair mooths n compack-fluorescent litebulbs rammit up thair sphincters.

Aye, but if the best we can dae for liberation is a campain to mak a new state then A, A, A dae ken, really. A dae ken.


N aye, but is this the best debate we can hae?

Aye, but is YES or NO no the borinest quaisten ye can possibly ask?

Aye, but are oor whappin, scunnersome campains no daein mair to close doun the debate (cheers Darcy) then awbdy else?

Aye, but hae we no gat tae open up the debate?

Aye, but hae we no goat tae ask mair aboot whit Scotland is an whit Scotland’s for than just YES or NO?

Aye, but can we no speir aboot Scotland in a pub wioot askin each ither hou we’re gaun tae vote as if hit wis the maist important thing cos hit’s no really hit’s really no.

Aye, but can we not use this chance tae hae a big bluidy stishie anent whaur we’re gaun n then claucht each ither close aw desperate A mean like luvers really n mak hit happen, mak hit happen wioot a cross in a box?


N aw that an aw that, but still, but still, but still aye, still aye cos aw the threapins fer the U (ha!) K (ha!) is even wair, n British history maks me want tae birn things.

Aye, cos brakkin an Empire is a guid thing tae dae.

Aye, cos if thair’s ony chance o ditchin Trident,

aye, cos if thair’s ony chance o maintainin freer health an freer schuils,

if thair’s a shot at that then hit’s wirth a scrappie merk on a clarty bit o paper.


Sae aye,





Harry Giles
National Collective