Mobilising Scotland’s Artists, Creatives, Writers & Thinkers

National Collective is attempting to build Scotland’s largest creative resource pool. We are doing this to ensure that we, with your help, can mobilise Scotland’s artists, creatives, writers and thinkers for referendum year. We believe that only with a powerful and well organised creative element can we fully grasp the opportunities that independence presents us.

The National Collective Resource Pool will provide local contacts for our members to ensure that this hope becomes a reality. It doesn’t matter if you are a photographer or electrician, philosopher or architect, poet or comedian. We want to hear from you.

Join us here.


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  1. Catriona MacKenzie Hyde

    What a brilliant idea! but you know what makes me wild…being told by NO voters that the likes of myself (Australian born Scot) that I shouldnt have an opinion,or a voice, or a say in anything to do with the IndyRef…my advice to them..get parents grandparents and forefathers are Scottish..they fought for Scotland, and me and my kids will too!

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