Yes Campaigning: Top 5 Tips


1. You’re at a stall. The most important thing you can do is talk to undecided people. Immediately asking people to come and sign the Yes Declaration, without first having a conversation, will put them off. Instead of opening with “Would you like to sign the Declaration?” why not try “What are your thoughts on independence?”

2. Be understanding. Don’t treat people like their views are stupid.

3. Occasionally a No voter will turn up for a debate. If they can’t be convinced, end the conversation and talk to somebody else.

If they can be convinced, convince them.  

4. The appearance of the stall is important. You’ll probably be provided with an official Yes Scotland banner, but try and make it look more appealing with balloons, cakes, and wish trees. Make people stop and take pictures.

5. Don’t try to sound like a politician. People don’t like politicians. Don’t go on about statistics and numbers, unless you’re asked. Just have a human conversation about how you feel.

Andrew Redmond Barr