No Campaign Rally Behind A Successful Independent Scotland

If there’s one thing that both Yes campaigners and No campaigners can agree on, it’s that Scotland is more than capable of being a successful independent country.

Jack Foster
National Collective


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  1. Charlie Alexander

    Somebody will probably have an answer to this but, did Bruce, the Scottish nobles the Church, the army have utterly clear ideas of what they were going to do to govern Scotland before they went into the Battle of Bannockburn? No doubt they had thought through a number of things but they could not foretell the future.
    Any future Scottish government will be in a far better position to see the way forward once we have achieved independence and are proceeding as a nation along the road, seeing with fresh eyes
    What about America, India, Southern Ireland, the African nations when they gained their independence. Were they all in perfectly thought out positions with perfect policies in place for every eventuality.
    Who can tell what the future will bring. Cameron, can’t, Obama can’t, Putin can’t. No one can legislate the future into existence. The future is in the hands of the future; you may say the lap of the gods; the future is in the hands of Providence as I see it.
    Lets win the battle first.

  2. Charlie Alexander

    George is like one of those boxers who have been knocked out a few times; they leave the ring for a while then want to make a comeback so a few weak hand picked opponents are chosen so Bruiser Dod Galloway can beat them up.
    I’m from Dundee. And in Dundee George is known as a Lochee Chancer.

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