National Collective Is Looking For Arts Writers!


National Collective is looking for arts writers!

We’re looking for people to contribute to our soon to be expanded arts section.

The arts we cover won’t be restricted to Scotland or independence (although there will of course be a natural tendency towards coverage of this sort). We want to cover art from the world over which inspires, challenges and excites. If you want to write about an art form which hasn’t yet been covered on National Collective, then all the more reason we want to hear from you.

We’re leaving the boundaries of what we cover as broad as possible so as to let the writers define what the arts section will become. With this in mind we have three primary aims:

  • Promote worldwide grassroots and DIY art.
  • Encourage participation in local creative communities.
  • Support socially minded artistic activism.

To find out more or to get involved, fill in this contact form (remember to include any links to previous work) or add yourself to our resource pool.

Hamish Gibson
Arts Editor