Saffron Dickson: Scotland Needs Fresh And New Ideas


While everybody who lives in this country has a stake in the outcome of next year’s referendum, it is Scotland’s young people who will feel the greatest impact of the result – be it a Yes or a No.

With their lives ahead of them, the decision we make on September 18th 2014 will have huge bearing on the kind of country they grow up in. That’s why it is so important to hear more from Scotland’s young people in the referendum debate, and do as much as we can to put them at the centre of the national conversation about our future.

During Monday’s BBC 5 Live independence debate with Victoria Derbyshire, many were inspired by the passion and conviction of 15 year old Saffron Dickson from Glasgow, who spoke from the floor. We asked Saffron to tell National Collective why she supports an independent Scotland.

With independence currently being a very topical subject, I feel we need to address it with passion and conviction as well as statistics.

In my opinion, an Independent Scotland would mark a new beginning, moving forward on our own; doing things for ourselves – rather than taking two steps backwards and one step forward, if we were to stay as part of the United Kingdom.

Scotland is full of passion and soul, and to run a country, you need more than just someone with a master’s degree in economics, more than a bit of paper. You need someone who can convey the feelings of the people, who can understand and articulate this in a manner that everyone can comprehend. You need fresh, new ideas, not static, monotonous policies that all look the same and never actually change anything. I believe that this all lies ahead for us as an Independent Scotland.

I will be voting yes for many reasons; I want to live in a country ruled with equality and not by a democratic dictatorship that leads us to believe we have power. I want my vote to count. I want every single person in Scotland to matter, I want equal education, is equality really too much to ask for? I believe staying as part of the Union will draw us further into the false sense of security that we have been roped into feeling and becoming attached to. It’s time for the people of Scotland to take charge of Scottish matters, in an Independent Scotland.”

Saffron Dickson
National Collective


About Saffron Dickson

Saffron Dickson is 15 and lives in East Pollokshields in Glasgow - Scotland's most diverse community. She is a young leader in guides and has a passion for acting and dancing. She's a committed St. Mirren fan and a great supporter of 'Bull breed' Dogs. She is also the owner of Gucci the Staffie.