Playing The Spoons On William Hague’s Head

Playing The Spoons On William Hague’s Head









Greg Moodie
National Collective


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About Greg Moodie

Greg Moodie is a writer and graphic designer with an impressively ludicrous CV and a poor recollection of anything on it. Technically Dundonian, he says he graduated from the city’s Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art ‘before the invention of fire’ but that, like Vegas, what happened there stayed there.

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  1. MurrayMcC

    To avoid the brain numbness stage Greg maybe select a bass spoon next time? You will have to shorten the [impressive] musical rendition though.

  2. Juteman

    I’ve seen photos of him wearing a baseball cap, whilst leaving hotel bedrooms with young, male assistants.
    Silly me thought it was an attempt at disguising himself.
    In reality, the poor man must be regularly accosted by deranged musicians!

      1. Juteman

        You obviously haven’t thought this through.
        What if repeated blows caused brain damage? He is in a position of power, and could inflict terrible policies on the population if his brain started working in strange ways.

          1. Juteman

            You obviously aren’t taking this seriously!
            What if playing music on politicians heads catches on?
            How would you feel if an interviewer suddenly played the opening beats to Blue Monday on Johann Lamonts head on Newsnight? Think of all the casualties watching at home.
            At least put a notice on this thread warning children not to play tunes on teachers heads, or there will be anarchy! Anarchy I tell you!

  3. Aileen Mitchell Stewart

    That wee ‘retreat’ has obviously done you good. This is the best yet. (I’ll never be able to see Wee Wullie Haig’s baldie heid again without picturing those spoons!) Keep ’em coming!

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