Jim Murphy: Cybernat Detector

Jim Murphy: Cybernat Detector











Greg Moodie
National Collective


About Greg Moodie

Greg Moodie is a writer and graphic designer with an impressively ludicrous CV and a poor recollection of anything on it. Technically Dundonian, he says he graduated from the city’s Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art ‘before the invention of fire’ but that, like Vegas, what happened there stayed there. http://www.tonyboaks.com/

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  1. davidbriggsrousay

    If we do win Independence Greg you could do worse than stick all your pieces into a Christmas 2014 Annual. I would buy it and bequeath it to my heirs. Keep up the good work.

    1. Greg Moodie

      Somebody just tweeted this to me: “humour dilutes-stay focused”. I believe it was said in all seriousness. Perhaps I should quit the cartoons and write a nice essay on why I’ll be voting Yes?

      1. theresaecosse

        NO!!! Humour keeps us sane and things in perspective. I co-run a YES faceboook page and post your offerings as soon as they appear. They are always among the most viewed and liked.
        People are sick of the doom and gloom. Scots have a wicked sense of humour, it needs to be fed…

          1. theresaecosse

            I’m presuming you mean the link to the page?
            We are just a wee pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Yes-Nairnshire/156158631227047

  2. thecreature

    fukn awesome Greg, but your Annual needs to be a Summer Special printed on sticky backed paper so that your brilliant cartoons can brighten up the lavvies and lamposts of Scotland. I would crowd fund that for sure.

      1. thecreature

        could be the lavvies in Waitrose, and the lamp posts in Charlotte Square – reach for the stars Greg. I’d commission you for a design for a wee flag to stick in dog turds left by lazy owners – something apt to achieve the common purpose of persuading the offenders they are selfish fackers, and increase voter awareness why voting No is pandering to selfish fackers…and make us laugh too of course.

      1. patronsaintofcats

        Ah, well played sir. I’d suggest Van Helsing with a cross and holy water but sadly in Scotland that wouldn’t be pc. Oh well, maybe Jem and Blaire can fight over the job lol.

  3. David Mckeever

    I didn’t get the postcode joke. I’m Glaswegian and for independence. Is it really good to insinuate things about Glaswegians? Maybe the joke is over my head.

    1. Greg Moodie

      Hey it was just a throwaway. Glasgow is Labour’s heartland, so maybe in Jim’s mind if you had a G postcode you couldn’t be a ‘cybernat’?

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