100 New Voices Of The Independence Generation


The independence referendum has inspired a new democratic wave across Scotland. New organisations and campaigns outside of political parties have created ideas and activism in local groups across the country, as well as an explosion in online content.

National Collective is proud to promote the views of prominent and established artists and creatives who support Scottish independence. We are also proud of the over 2,000 people from all walks of life who have signed up as members of our campaign.

Here are 100 new voices of the independence generation.

Aileen McKay

“I will be voting Yes in September because the UK is not a democracy in any real sense of the word – it serves only an elite. I want to help build a fairer society, and that will only begin when we consent to leave the constraints of this defunct union.”

Alan McCredie

“On a very personal level I want independence because I want all nuclear weapons removed from Scotland, and even better from the British Isles altogether.”

Alex Aitchison

“I support independence because I want to see a fairer society. A yes vote will ensure a written constitution that guarantees equal and fair rights that we in Scotland hold close to our hearts.”

Amy Shipway

“Independence makes sense! I’m excited by the chance to shape Scotland into a more democratic and more equal society, the kind of society that I want not just for myself but for future generations. Independence will be the catalyst for positive change and progressive vision in Scotland.”

Amie Robertson

“I’m voting yes because independence not only challenges British imperial power, but also gives Scotland a chance to move towards a more progressive, egalitarian society, which supports and celebrates the diversity of the many, instead of comforting the pockets of the few.”

Andrew Perry

“Fuck yes.”

Andrew Redmond Barr

“I’ve always loved reading and writing stories. Stories are what allow societies and cultures to articulate themselves to the world, in their own words. And that, for me, is the essence of independence – being able to express ourselves as a society, freely, in our own words, to the rest of the world.”

Andy Summers

“Should Scotland be an independent country? Why, yes. Just look about you.

I believe that the people who inhabit the part of the planet called Scotland, within the environment found there, with the resources available, they, are the best placed people on earth to assess, discuss and decide what is best for them, their society, their culture, their land, their sea. It is they who should be ultimately responsible for their own priorities, their own actions, their own representation to the wider audience, their own custodianship of the natural world which hosts them.

It is only by again being an independent country that the vital expression of this society, of these people, of this place, can find full flight.”

Angus Millar

“I’m voting Yes because independence is too good an opportunity to miss. We have already shown, through making decisions in the Scottish Parliament about areas like health and education, that we make better choices about our own future than any government at Westminster can. With a Yes vote, we can build on the successes we have achieved under devolution – only with the powers of independence can we create a better Scotland and realise our full potential.”

Becca MacDonald

“I support the yes vote in the independence referendum because I firmly believe that for Scotland to reach it’s true prosperity we need to have control to make our own decisions.”

Ben Brotherston

“I’m voting Yes because I’ve lived my life witnessing endless injustices towards my family and community by unelected Conservative governments, and the blatant immorality of these actions and the inconsistencies between “necessary cuts” and bankers bonuses continue to frustrate me. I believe that a Scotland free of these politicians will be open, fair and caring for those who those who are most in need, while allowing those who can support them to do so, growing morality, rather than the current hatred which is spawned from Westminster; hatred towards weakness, the old, the sick, those who are powerless to prevent themselves from being made scapegoats. A liberated Scotland will be ever welcoming, welcoming, caring and moral.”

Cailean Macleod

“I support independence, as I see the direction that the UK is heading, and want to set a new course for Scotland. An independent Scotland will have access to all the powers and levers necessary to bring about a true socially just society, which cares about the poor and the needy rather than punishes them.

And I believe this is a society that both individuals and communities all across Scotland will come together and help build – but only once they have left the need for tactical voting to try and limit Tory governments behind them – again, something only independence can guarantee.”

Cal McCormack

“I’m voting yes for a greater participation in my country’s future. I feel I will have more of a voice in an independent Scotland which is hugely important to me. I believe countries with smaller populations are more democratic and manageable.”

Calum Martin

“My vote will be a Yes vote because Independence will make the ordinary people of Scotland better off both economically and socially. Scotland’s political consensus is left of centre, and Independence will allow that to come to fruition, in a society which puts international aid before illegal wars; which scraps Trident. A society and a country which can put start to put need before greed. That is why Independence is the right decision.”

Calum Winter

“It gives us opportunity to build a country from scratch – nothing could be more exciting than that.”

Callum Smith

“I’m voting yes because I believe in Scotland. Independence is simply about us having the same rights as any other nation on earth – the ability to make decisions which affect our citizens.”

Callum Buchanan

“I’m voting Yes because an independent Scotland would be well more democratic and that.”

Cat Boyd

“Independence for me is a revolt against alienation. The greed of the City of London has robbed millions of a hopeful future- and a Yes vote can change this trajectory. Independence isn’t about flags or currencies- it is about people.  The powers of independence will allow us to make the changes to society that we want to see possible; a fair redistribution of wealth, the removal of trident from our shores and a society where people are valued more highly than profit. “

Colin McKinlay

“Independence will give every person in Scotland the opportunity to express their talents and maximise our country’s potential. We can build a better a place to live; a fairer, more equal and more prosperous society awaits not only us, but those yet unborn. This opportunity is something we must grasp and not let go and in what might be a once in a lifetime opportunity ,we, the independence generation, must not let it slip from our hands.”

Chris Glendinning

“I support independence because I believe it gives us the tools to become a much fairer and more equal nation. It won’t do this automatically, but it gives us a great opportunity to tackle poverty and income inequality, promote social mobility and (through projects like the Common Weal) put social justice at the top of the national agenda.”

Christopher Silver

“We are a young, vibrant, nation, ready to meet the future head on, with our minds, our hands and our creativity. To turn back from the edge of something new, to refuse to occupy a space in which to innovate: would be a first in our long and complex history.”

Connor Beaton

“People in Scotland have so much to offer in their compassion and their creativity. With archaic institutions out of the way, I’m convinced we’ll unleash this energy into building a better society. It begins with a Yes vote!”

Courtney Louise

I’m going to vote yes because I want to be a teacher in a Scotland which is focused on meeting the specific needs of Scottish children. I want my votes to count for more and to have a voice which can help shape a new government – one which isn’t afraid to do something new and innovative, and to get rid of harmful and pointless traditions.

Dan Paris

“I believe that the people of Scotland would be better served by an independent government. I’m not particularly patriotic. I don’t believe that Scotland is uniquely great, or that the people who live here are particularly different from those in England or elsewhere. But it makes sense for us to be in control of our own future – to make our own decisions on the issues that matter, such as jobs and wages, taxes and welfare, or immigration and our relationship with the rest of the world.

“It’s a choice between taking responsibility for ourselves or risking being governed by those we reject. Life in Scotland can be better – and who better to build that better country than us?”

Darius Kowal

“During my travels I have met people from a number of countries, although none have been as friendly and accommodating as the people I have come across in Scotland (many of whom are now close friends). I believe the population of Scotland is overwhelmingly progressive and liberal compared to other countries I have spent time in. An independent Scotland would safeguard and promote values such as fairness and equality by allowing the population of Scotland to promote their own values and govern their own destiny; a forward thinking destiny driven by creative people in the industry and arts, with the skills and positive discipline to utilise Scotland’s resources and expertise to carry the country forward while exporting it’s knowledge and products to the rest of the world; from energy transition technologies, research and development, to arts and culture (to name a few). Although most importantly an independent Scotland would protect the rights of local people from all walks of life, who contribute to its vibrancy and culture.”

David Aitchison

“For me, independence is all about possibilities. We have a chance to leave an archaic political system behind, and use the talents and energies of the people that live here to build a better society. A Yes vote gives us the chance to create a more equal society – it’s up to us to make sure that it happens.”

David Linden

“I support independence because the people best placed to make decisions about Scotland are the people of Scotland. We wouldn’t ask our parents to make decisions for us the rest of lives, why let Westminster?”

David Officer

“It’s not simply about economics, the SNP or Tories, but the chance to change course – to take stock and reassess what we’re doing.  Independence is the beginning of a fantastic journey, a wonderful opportunity where we get the chance to create a better country.  One that’s fit for the modern world and which can adapt quickly to modern challenges.  A country that views everyone as equal, treats them fairly and wants to look after itself a wee bit, stay fit and healthy.

“So, look at the country around you… take a good long look.  Britain is shit.  We’re stuck in this self-destructive merry-go-round of public school suits who only experience Scotland when shooting deer on the bare, barren hills, that have been dredged of all other life, lest it spoil their authentic highland experience.  But we can move forward and show what can be done with a bit of will and the chance to have our say.  It can be transformational, not just for Scotland, but for the whole of the UK, by letting our voices soar above the bawling, braying bunch of naysayers and doom merchants and having a wee bit of faith in ourselves; a wee bit of hope.”

Dom Hale

“To clarify: I am English, and live in Scotland. First Past The Post roundly fucks Scotland. The union has always been Anglocentric.”

Douglas Cape

“I am voting Yes for a chance for change.”

Duncan Sneddon

“Scotland should be independent because nobody’s better placed to run our country than we are.  I can’t imagine any of our problems being solved better by a government we barely elect than by one accountable entirely to us.  Come to think of it, I can’t think of any of our assets and potential being better managed that way either.  Independence is about building the country we want to see: if we were starting from scratch we certainly wouldn’t have come up with the boorach they call the UK.”

Eleanor Morton

“I support independence because I believe in localised government. I no longer believe that Westminster serves the Scottish people, and I want us to get the chance to make our own decisions, and our own mistakes.”

Emma Gilchrist

“I believe independence is the opportunity for Scotland to become the country it has the ability to be. The people of Scotland deserve to have their voices heard and independence is the only way to guarantee that this will happen. Scotland’s future is exciting and it all starts with a Yes vote!”

Finlay Thewlis

“I can’t wait for a Yes vote, it will invigorate a generation. I want to see a happier, more optimistic Scotland and saying Yes is the start. What a future we can shape for ourselves”

Fraser Dick

“I’m Yes because independence gives us the chance to radically remake Scotland on the basis of equality, social justice, democracy and peace. Real change comes when power is shifted to the people, and in September we’ve got the chance to do just that. It’s the most exciting time in Scotland’s history and I’ve no intention of letting this opportunity slip.”

Gary Henderson

“Imagine looking at radical ideas – proposed solutions to problems of the twenty-first century – and not thinking “That’ll never happen here.” Imagine a nation thinking and acting differently. That is what we could be! I will be voting Yes as I believe this to be the only way of delivering a  progressive, outward-looking, caring nation in which I wish to play a part and not be a bystander.”

Gord Matheson

“I’m voting yes because I see a terrific opportunity for positive change that is unlikely to come along again for generations. An opportunity to build a fairer, more equal society. I don’t consider myself to be a nationalist or a patriot, and I’m not voting yes because Scotland is a great country. I’m voting yes because it could be.”

Graeme Sneddon

“I support independence because it provides the best opportunity to tackle the major problems facing Scotland. Only with the economic powers of an independent Scottish Parliament can we tackle youth unemployment head on and protect the most vulnerable in society, with firm investment in key industries and education and making our own compassionate welfare state. Devolution has shown how Scotland can lead when the people of Scotland have control over decision-making (for example, restoring free higher education). Independence allows us to extend this progress and encourage greater involvement of the people of Scotland in local democracy. By contrast, Westminster is an increasingly archaic institution, with a right wing political agenda that is increasingly diverging from the social democratic and Common Weal spirit of the Scottish people.”

Graeme West

“I’m helping the independence campaign because the UK is weird. The promise of independence is the chance to build a country that we can all be proud of, as judged by how we treat the most vulnerable within it and how we conduct ourselves around the world. And it’ll bring a smile to my grandpa’s face if we win.”

Greer Jarrett

“And why I’m voting yes: I think it is the best way of preserving our natural and cultural heritage, I think it will create a government which is closer and more attuned to the people it rules over, and I think it is the undeniable right of any nation on earth to be represented in the political world by a fully autonomous national government.”

Greg Hepburn

“I’m voting YES in the referendum because I believe that Scotland will be a fairer and more democratic place with independence. Far too often do the results of Westminster elections mean that Scotland is governed by people it didn’t vote for, who have agendas that contradict our values. Whilst this  state of affairs might be ‘OK’ to some, Okay isn’t good enough for me.”

Greg Moodie

“If you want a case for independence, just look at Michael Gove. Dependence is for kids.”

Gwyneth Petrie

“Scotland has the resources and the ability to be a better, fairer place to live, and I will be voting yes to ensure that my family have the best possible future. Devolution has seen Scotland achieve so much; just think what can be achieved with the full powers of independence.”

Halliki Kre

“I support Scottish independence because Scotland has the chance to create a more egalitarian and socially conscious state and society. David Cameron has shown that young people do not matter for Westminster – let’s not have another lost generation in Scotland!”

Hamish Gibson

“As someone who’s always been politically passionate in one way or another, it didn’t take being of voting age long for me to become entirely disillusioned with the uniformed, anti-personality party system our politics is so entrenched in. As such there’s only one issue I’m truly concerned about; democracy. Without true democracy it doesn’t matter what we want, because we won’t have the ability to effect it beyond some short term fix which only prolongs an outdated and corrupt system. While general elections offer a change of tie, independence offers a genuine chance to not just start from a blank canvas but create a fair, participatory, and representative democracy where the people themselves can build our own just society without any concentrated elite of any kind monopolising power. The closer all countries can get to true democratic and cooperative self-determination, the better the world will be for it. That’s why I’m voting Yes, because it’s the only way to actually do what we want and achieve significant social and environmental good as a result.”

Iain Whyte

“What has been clear for a very long time is that Westminster’s priorities are not Scotland’s priorities. What independence offers is a chance for us to stop investing in Westminster’s priorities and start investing in ours. It’s a chance to stand up and say ‘let’s stop paying for Trident. Let’s stop following the UK into illegal wars. Let’s stop standing idly by while Westminster robs from the poorest to give to London’. Instead let’s invest in our young people and our future. Let’s invest in our healthcare system. And let’s work together to create a more equal society with a strong base for creating a strong future for future generations and for Scotland.”

Imogen Stirling

“The compassionate and equal values shared by the majority of Scottish people are not represented by the increasingly elite and capitalist British government. I see independence as one of the best opportunities to create a progressive and humanitarian society in a world full of inequality.”

Irina Preda

“I am voting Yes for true democracy and change in my lifetime.”

Jamie Sutherland

“Scotland’s immense natural resources put us in a privileged position. We can achieve prosperity at home but can also realise our economic and environmental duties to the rest of the world. Given Westminster’s past record, I believe that independence is the rational and responsible choice for the Scottish people to make the most of these opportunities.”

Jalal Abukhater

“I believe self-determination is a good thing, I believe the democratic rights of all citizens should be respected, I believe the weak & vulnerable of society deserve to look upon a better & brighter future, therefore I believe Scotland should say YES for independence in September 2014.”

Janie Nicoll

“I believe that Scotland is a state of mind… It can be defined by geography but that is only one factor. An independent Scottish Government will be a new beginning for Scotland as a nation. It’s a chance for us to be represented by the politicians we actually vote for, and ultimately a move away from the insidious swing to the right that is currently dominating politics south of the border”

Jemma Beedie

“Scotland is a nation with an important cultural legacy, an expansive history and an intelligent, caring population, and we’re ready to step up and claim our place in the world.”

Jenny Lindsay

“I’m voting yes for a more democratic, potentially more socially-minded, less alienated country. I spent most of my twenties wth a felt need for change; with a wish for all of these things, but also with a sense of powerlessness and a lack of agency; a little squirm of doubt that stopped me from being as active as I could have been, in order to change things. I think a lot of us – even those who would’ve described themselves as ‘politically-engaged’ –  felt this throughout the noughties. That niggling doubt – ‘Bugger… what if they’re right? Maybe this really is as good as it can be…What’s on telly?’

They’re not right. And there’s nothing on telly. A yes won’t change everything. But we can. And that’s the point of democracy. It’s time to get it back, for all of us, across Britain. The first step is ‘yes.’

Jessie Duncan

“Independence is our chance to build a real representative democracy that works in the interests of us all, not just those already in power. I hope that a fairer democracy will lead us to a fairer society.”

John West

“Independence is the opportunity to change Scotland from a region that young people choose to leave, to a nation where they choose to live.”

Josephine Sillars

“I’m voting Yes for independence because I believe we should have the power to make our own decisions. I don’t think we should fear the future for an independent Scotland, we should embrace it. Our future, our decisions.

Joshua Miller

“I want Scotland to want independence, independence doesn’t benefit me personally. If I wanted to live in a liberal socialist utopia then I could just go live out in a forest with wannabe communists and we’d go out on brilliant funky adventures all day everyday. No, I want the people to want to be independent because people should have as much power as they’re capable of. And we are capable. A yes vote isn’t about money or how scary our army is, it’s about giving power back to the people. We’re big boys and girls, and we always have been. It’s time to move out and vote yes!”

Karyn Dougan

“Independence will allow Scotland to flourish. Without Westminster making poor decisions based on very little information on and no interest in Scotland, the future of the country will lie with the people of Scotland. Give us full power and the chance to explore all of our future possibilities. A better, more progressive and equal society awaits following a Yes vote. We know things won’t change overnight but we aren’t afraid of the work involved because we know it will be better than what we’re settling for now. I’m proud to be voting Yes this September. This is the beginning of a brighter future.”

Katie Bruce

I will be voting Yes because I believe that Scotland is underrepresented in Westminster and am confident that independence reinvigorate the Scottish people.

Kezia Kinder

“Independence isn’t just about Scotland for me; it can prove to the rest of the UK that a socially just society is possible, that those in England and Wales can also break free of a Westminster system that cares about nothing but wealth and war. I want the rest of the UK to be somewhere that my younger brothers and sister can thrive, not a place where they’ll be consigned to the dole because Westminster just doesn’t care. David Cameron was right, the UK is like a family. But it’s a family that doesn’t work, so come September 18th, let’s file for divorce.”

Khaled Al-Hurby

“There are 2 reasons to why I’m voting yes on the 18th of september. Firstly to reinstate true democracy. Having real representation in my national parliament creating real policies that represent the people it’s serving.
Secondly, as a ‘creative’ residing in scotland, I genuinely believe that greater opportunity for me and my fellow creatives are in an independent scotland. There would be more support for emerging industries, tax breaks to help sectors grow and an international interest and representation on the world stage.”

Kirstin McLean

“I’m voting yes because I am a socialist. I think independence is the best way to the egalitarian society I want to see, and I want my children to live in. It will also mean the end of nuclear weapons in Scotland. Who could vote against that?”

Kirsty Davidson

“Independence is sexy!”

Kirsty MacAlpine:

“I want us to build a better, fairer and equal Scotland- we can only do that if we have the same tools that almost 200 countries worldwide have.

I’ll proudly vote Yes on 18th September 2014 and start building a better country on the 20th (once I have recovered from the hangover).”

Kirsty MacDonald

“I’m voting yes this year for many reasons. Politically and socially, I cannot stand by while another Tory government (that we didn’t vote for and never would) weaken and eventually destroy the Welfare State. Artistically, I am happily aware that Scottish culture has survived tenaciously, diversified and even thrived despite the last 300 years of union. I love Scotland’s literature, film, theatre and music, but I don’t need to be a cultural nationalist. Having said that, I am not proud of what Scotland is culturally; I’m proud of what it could be. The arts require – like any other aspect of life – to be funded and nurtured. Only with independence can we fully support our creative communities to reach new artistic heights and push boundaries. We have this incredible force in our arsenal, and as a nation of new Scots and old I’d like to see us use it to its full potential.”

Lotte Retford

“Eventually Scotland may be something of a beacon to the rest of the UK; a close by reminder that things can be done differently and that, even as far south as my home city, everything could change for the better. In the long run, I hope, everyone might gain from independence.”

Lucas McGregor

“A Government that Scotland did not vote for is forcing deep cuts upon us. The slashing of the council tax benefit, the transfer to universal credit and the bedroom tax are just some of Westminster’s detrimental policies. The Scottish Government is currently doing everything it can; such as retaining Educational Maintenance Allowance and mitigating the Bedroom Tax as far as legally possible with the powers that Scotland has. However, with more than half of Osborne’s cuts still to come, mitigation of Westminster’s poorly conceived policies is not a cure. Only through Independence can the damage that the Conservatives have caused be reversed. Scotland has the economic capability to be a fairer and more prosperous society. Full powers to Holyrood will mean that Scotland’s future will be decided by a Government that cares for the people.”

Luke Campbell

“Greater London alone has a population of 8.2 million people, the whole of Scotland just 5.3 million. This one city can out vote our entire country on any issue brought before Westminster, with seventy-three MPs to just fifty-two. The parliament three hundred and sixty miles south from the Scottish borders is not there to resolve our issues. We are in a union with a neighbour that has a population totalling over 53.1 million, ten times our size. For every one Scot whose interests are represented at Westminster there eleven other people currently vying for their own interests and ultimately deciding what Scotland gets on any non-devolved powers, we have no true influence. It’s time that we the people of Scotland decide how to run our own country, and deal with the issues that matter most to the Scottish people. This is why I will be voting Yes on the 18th September, and why I encourage everyone living in Scotland to do so. For your future, and for your children’s future, vote yes and help to build a better Scotland.”

Mairi McFadyen

“To be young and to be asked, ‘what kind of country do you want to live in?’ is the most  wonderful gift. I’m not a patriot, nor a nationalist. Of course, we don’t all agree on our political vision, but we do have one thing in common: we have the desire to work together towards a better future. I do not believe that independence will be easy or will somehow magically cure society’s problems. It will be difficult, and in some ways, the biggest challenges we will face will come after we vote Yes. What this historical moment provides us with is an unmatched opportunity to participate in the writing of our own future. We have a chance to liberate ourselves from the stranglehold of austere Westminster politics and lead by example. We must ask ourselves, what really matters? The sheer sense of possibility embodied in the diversity of young voices in this campaign – inspiration, creativity, hope –  fills me with a palpable sense of excitement. We must grab this opportunity with both hands!”

Magnus Jamieson

“I do not support independence for love of one flag over another, nor do I support it believing we can simply create a Utopia overnight. Independence is but a mechanism through which we can better equip ourselves to make life better for the people of Scotland. Removing power from an authoritarian, right wing, stale, and undemocratic Parliament and giving sovereignty to the people of Scotland and power to a Government representative of its people’s wishes is but the first step on the journey towards a country free from Nuclear Weapons, Food Banks and endemic Child Poverty; a country with a written constitution to protect our liberties and a Common Weal vision to create a more just society.”

Malcolm Murdoch

“Power to the people. The Union is an embarrassment and in decline. The UK Labour party saving us is an illusion.”

Max Wiszniewski

“Working in the visual arts I constantly witness the importance of cultural tourism to our economy. The referendum has created a huge surge of international interest in our fledgling nation due to the prospect of independence. A yes vote will therefore be the greatest advert for culture and tourism that our nation has ever seen.”

Megan Douglas

“I will be voting yes in the referendum this year because I believe in Scotland. We are smart enough to make decisions on our own, we deserve a Government that we voted for and we have all it takes to compete on the world stage.  Scotland is a fantastic country and a place I am so proud to call home. I am so excited and grateful that I have the chance to vote yes.”

Michael Gray

“Independence is the greatest opportunity of our lifetime. We can improve our democracy, create a more equal society and stand up for peace in the world.”

Mohamed Iqbal

“I fear the growing support for far-right immigration policies across the UK, and believe that an independent Scotland offers me the best chance of being able to stay and work in a part of the world that I love”

Nadia El-Nakla

“People in Scotland should not be weakened by self-doubt, we all need to have the confidence that Scotland and “us” the people of Scotland can survive and thrive independently.”

Omar Bhatia

“I believe that we have a real opportunity to create a society that others can hold up as an example of democracy, liberty, respect and justice. If Scotland is to truly prosper, to become a fairer society, the United Kingdom has to be confined to a shadowy part of our history.”

Paul Togneri

“I believe in independence because I believe that Scotland is being held back by the current constitutional construct. I want the future of the country to be shaped by the people who care about it most, the people who live here. It’s not a matter of nationalism or emotion, but a matter of a more egalitarian future and releasing our potential.”

Peter McNally

“I support independence for Scotland because I believe if we have the opportunity to control our own finances and make our own decisions then we will get the best out of the resources of Scotland, which will then give us the chance to build a creatively vibrant and prosperous country for everyone.”

Rachel Blair

“I see the campaign for independence as the journey towards becoming a more equal nation where opportunities are fair and everyone’s vote counts. The current system of the union is damaging Scotland – it is enhancing wealth inequality, ignoring problems of under-representation and silencing the most vulnerable. I’ll be voting Yes because people living in Scotland deserve a government that not only has the powers to meet their needs but cares about doing so.”

Rhona Middler

“I support independence, because as a student who is not from a wealthy background, I would not have been able to afford to go to University had tuition not been free. Education should be accessible based on merit, not money. I strongly believe education should be available to all, no matter who you are, and this importance of equality should be reflected in the new Scottish constitution we will create together as a nation.”

Robbie McIntosh

“I believe that Scotland should join the free nations of the world, I believe that Westminster Eton boys who have no ties to Scotland should have no influence over our government, a government that should represent the people of Scotland. A Scotland that seeks investment in itself, and is not the mere lackey of London.”

Robin Drummond

“Scotland has been misrepresented at Westminster for years, a Yes vote gives Scotland the chance to represent itself, properly and fairly. Scotland should be governed by the people who live here.”

Roisin McLaren

“To me a yes vote means: the opportunity to develop a fair and egalitarian society in Scotland. I cannot see this happen within Westminster because of the inherent inequality in the parliament i.e. House of Lords. The referendum is only the first step in this process, but I am excited to see Scotland exercising her democratic right, engaging with the challenges and opportunities the future holds for our nation.”

Rory MacLure

“The UK’s ideological divides have reached the point that the beliefs of myself and the Scottish people go unfulfilled and will remain so under our present circumstances. Though independence carries with it uncertainty, I believe it grants us a greater chance of achieving our shared hopes and goals. It will require dedication and perseverance, but Scotland has the tools and talent to become a prosperous, independent nation; one dedicated to freedom, equality and justice.”

Ros Hunter

“Independence is normal! Independance is a natural state for a country to exist, it’s as natural as breathing and I can’t think of any reason why we would not take this chance to be able to shape our own countries future. Just imagine a new Scotland, a new independent Scotland being taking in any direction that the people wish and all that possibility just waiting to be released can happen without violence or fear but with one simple act of democracy; a cross next to the box marked YES!”

Ross Aitchison

“Architecture is uniquely positioned to engage in all aspects of life. It can help to counter fuel poverty and social deprivation; can tackle feelings of insecurity and provide safer environments for our children; challenge our perceptions of how we grow old and how we treat those on the margins of society; and it can go some way to minimise the effects of climate change. Architecture can also shape the feeling of a nation, by engendering a sense of place and belonging, by taking lessons from our history and providing visions for our future. Having a government in Edinburgh which values the role of architecture in society has strengthened the profession in Scotland and to some extent slowed the drain of talent to the bright lights of London. I want to be part of a future architectural profession that builds on the immense progress since devolution, where we have seen strong responses to Scotland’s rich built heritage, and continue to develop a new voice for the way our environment is shaped.”

Saffron Dickson

“Scotland is full of passion and soul, and to run a country, you need more than just someone with a master’s degree in economics, more than a bit of paper. You need someone who can convey the feelings of the people, who can understand and articulate this in a manner that everyone can comprehend. You need fresh, new ideas, not static, monotonous policies that all look the same and never actually change anything. I believe that this all lies ahead for us as an Independent Scotland.”

Sarah Beattie Smith

If you’d asked me six months ago “why are you voting yes?” I’d have told you that it was basically about democracy – about bringing power closer to the people – and about a chance for us to build a more equal, more caring society. But over the last few months, the relentless negativity of the No campaign and the elitism and total disconnection from and disregard for the lives of the 99% of us who are not the UK cabinet has helped to generate a new kind of identity for me and for many others in Scotland. Groups like National Collective, the Radical Independence Campaign and the Scottish Green Party of which I’m a member are so positive, so alive and so confident in what they believe and what we can achieve together that it’s impossible not to feel a new Scottish identity emerging. This new cultural confidence is fast becoming my reason for voting yes and I hope with all my heart that it continues regardless of the outcome in September.

Sarah MacDonald

“My reason for voting Yes is simple. I’m tired of the Westminster government making poor decisions, decisions that do not reflect the wishes of people who live in Scotland. I’m voting yes for a more democratic, positive and creative future.”

Sean O’Connor

“I believe in Independence because I think Scotland can and should do better. As a young boy in a working class area I see everyday what Britain has to offer, food banks and the choice of wether to heat our homes or cook our tea are things that a modern Scotland doesn’t have to put up with, our vast energy resources and export revenues shouldn’t be lining the pockets of London Bankers, it should be helping the people of Scotland. I’m voting yes to continue the journey towards radical independence, to bring radical change and to build a radically better Scotland.”

Seimi Roman

“I believe that Scotland has a much better economic ideology than the Westminster government. Under Conservative (or New Labour) rule, the wealth disparity in Britain will only become greater. I believe independence gives Scotland a chance to eliminate this class warfare.”

Sinead O’Doinne

“Westminster is on a rightward trajectory, hardwired to the corporate interests of the city rather than the needs of the people. I want Scotland to take a different route, for us to have full autonomy and responsibility over the decisions we make – putting the needs of the people of Scotland first.”

Shoshana Miryam

“As a lover of Scotland and a supporter of independence, it was wonderful to hear members of the community take these issues (immigration) into consideration, and embrace that Scotland’s people have many backgrounds. I truly believe this to be one of Scotland’s strengths and something that can contribute to our identity and place on the world stage.”

Sohail Haque

“For me, Scottish independence is paramount if we are to deal with chronic problems that continue to be ignored by successive Westminster governments.  Through independence we can seek to challenge the grotesque levels of poverty that have pushed many of our most vulnerable citizens to the margins of society.
“By taking control of the all the political levers, we can make sure that we never get dragged into illegal wars or become a poodle to the will of others, but be the masters of our own destiny. It offers us the chance to create a society that will benefit everyone, not just the super rich. Ultimately, Independence is about democracy and making sure that the hopes and aspirations of the people are met and not ignored.”

Stacey Novelist

“I want independence because Scotland she should be free! And I believe she should be ruled by her people not the UK Government”

Suki Sangha

“For me a yes vote will mark the start of a new type of politics one which isn’t dominated by the greed and speculation of the City of London. A yes vote will mean a break from war and empire which we know are so deeply embedded within the institutions of the British state. We need an Independent Scotland that opposes militarism; that finds common cause with the people of the world and supports the Palestinians right to self-determination.”

Thomas Campbell

“I’m voting yes because the photo of David Cameron I’m using as a dartboard target is becoming frayed and unrecognisable, and due to benefits sanctions, I can’t afford to have another one printed out.”

Victoria Kerr

“To a future democratic, fair, creative, inspiring, and equal Scotland. The chance is upon us and Independence is the greatest opportunity to shape our society into what we, the people, wish it to be. It is the most exciting time to truly make change. Embrace this opportunity, be inspired and vote Yes for a prosperous future for all.”

Zara Gladman

“I’m voting Yes because I think independence is the route to a fairer, more democratic Scotland. No more governments that we didn’t vote for. No more blaming Westminster for our woes. Sure, we’ll have our ups and downs – just as we would if we remained a part of the UK – but they’ll be ups and downs of our own making. It’s time to grow up! We can do it.”

Zara Kitson

“The decision we are about to make as a nation is bigger than us all. We have a spectacularly rare opportunity to make a global stance for peace, and for democracy. The world is waiting, and watching, in hope. It’s time to reclaim our future, sending a clear signal to the corrupt establishments of Britain and beyond, that the people of Scotland, and peoples across these isles, are peacefully armed, and ready to build a new way forward. I want to live in a Scotland and world that works for us all. A yes vote opens the door to that future. A future that is ours to shape.”

* These people are examples of the range of new supporters and campaigners for independence. It does not seek to list everyone.


About Michael Gray

Michael studies politics at the University of Glasgow. He admires creativity, optimism and education. He desires peace, social justice and good parties.