A Heartfelt Letter To David Bowie: We Could Be Heroes, Für Einen Tag


Dear David,

We’ve been friends a long time. I keep forgettin to contact you, but I was prompted by your comments at the Brits to do so. You’ve been through a lot of changes over the years, and I understand you want Scotland to stay in the United Kingdom. I would really like to change your mind.

I know what you’re thinking: “What in the world is wrong with you?”. Surely I’m a lad insane. I must be dancing out in space. But can you hear me out on this one, please?

Here’s the thing. I wish you would reconsider. You clearly have a sense of doubt about this. But I want you to join the gang of folk supporting independence. A lot of people in Scotland are under pressure economically due to the policies of the ConDem coalition. You know, it ain’t easy when you’re stuck with the bedroom tax, or on what amount to poverty wages, assome are.

What’s the fascination with independence? Well, we don’t think it’s unfair to ask ‘where have all the good times gone?’. And after all, it’s not as if this is a new thing. It feels like we’re always getting lumbered with right-wing governments no matter how we vote – always crashing in the same car. So what in the world are we to do about it?

The simple fact is that the shape of things is different here. We are lucky to have a choice. We don’t need to be sons of the silent age any more. We don’t want to abandon you, and the next day after independence will be much like the prior one.

But I can’t explain how much difference the potential of independence could make over time. It’s all about growing up – a belief that our golden years are ahead of us. And we could move on from the state of affairs where our legislature is comprised of scary monsters like George Osbourne and kooks like Priti Patel. Jump, they say, and Scotland has to say “how high”. In fact, we’d rather be high than have to put up with these idiots any longer.

And the ‘no’ campaign is a joke. We’re expected to listen to the angry ramblings of Alistair Darling, the man who sold the world, for goodness’ sake. God only knows how many more scare stories we’ll have to put up with before the vote, but we’re confident that we’re right about this. And we feel confident that we’re going to win.

Think of it like this. When you moved to Berlin to hang out with Iggy, it was very much a new career in a new town. You wanted a new start. And you became even more creative. We’re looking for same chance. And we aren’t going to get it in the UK, anyway, anyhow, anywhere.

We aren’t absolute beginners at this stuff: Scotland is a wealthy country which governs itself in health and education: why not everything else?  It’s no game, nor just a conversation piece. It offers a reasonable opportunity to shake it up and make this country a fairer place, and forget about all the madmen in Westminster.

Our reasoning is sound. And vision – what vision we have! From the Common Weal to National Collective, we’re not short of heroes. In time, I think you’ll look back on this and forget your panic, realising that everything’s alright in Scotland, and that we have a healthier relationship for it.

It’s not about loving the enemy – that’s not how we think of you. Rather, it’s a new form of modern love between equal partner nations. From Neuköllnto Warszawa, we’ll be welcomed as new members of the international community, and we would love you to be part of that.

We just hope you won’t look back in anger if we make this choice. It might take us five years or more to see the benefits, but it’ll be a fantastic voyage regardless.

Yours aye,

Graeme West
National Collective

Photograph by Guitguit.