Aa the Airts: Fruits of the Wish Tree
A new project from TradYES

Wish Tree

Over the past year, campaigners have met with members of the public, collecting their personal hopes for Scotland’s future. Thousands of wishes have now been collected and together they form the Wish Tree. Using the nation’s collective imagination as inspiration, we have invited our traditional artists to create new material or re-imagine traditional pieces to tell a new story. Now it’s your turn!

Tha luchd-iomairt air a bhith a’ coinneamh ri muinntir a’ phobaill a chruinneachadh nan dòchasan pearsanta aca airson Alba san àm ri teachd. Tha mìltean dhiubh a-nis aca air a chruinneachadh agus thathas air Craobh nan Miann a dhèanamh asta. Le mac-meanmna coitcheann an nàisein mar bhrosnachadh, tha sinn a’ toirt cuireadh dar luchd-ealain traidiseanta, airson stuth ùr a dhèanamh, no dreach ùr a chur air pìosan traidiseanta agus sgeul ùr innseadh. Siuthad ma tha!

Ower the past year, campaigners hae met wi memmers o the public, gaitherin their personal howps for Scotland’s future. Thoosans o wishes hae noo been gaithert, an thegither they mak up the Wish Tree. Yaisin the nation’s collective imagination as inspiration, we hae buid oor tradeitional airtists tae mak new material or re-imagine tradeitional pieces tae tell a new story. Noo it’s your turn!

Calton Hill

What is the Wish Tree?

At festivals, rallies and events, campaigners have met with members of the public and collected their hopes for Scotland’s future. Thousands of wishes have been collected so far and together they form the Wish Tree.

There is a wide variety of ideas and themes represented in the wishes – some are serious, some are humorous, some are explicitly political while others are much more personal (although, as the saying goes, the personal is political). You can read some of them here on our Indy Wish Tree Tumblr.

What does the project involve?

The idea is to choose a wish (or wishes, as many as you like) and use these wishes as inspiration to to create a new song, tune, dance, poem, story, a picture, short film (or anything else you fancy). You could even pick a traditional piece which connects with a wish in some way, and re-imagine it. Your imagination is the only limit!

  • These new creations don’t need to express the sentiment of the wishes alone. Think of them as a starting point, and let your imagination run wild!

  • Your creations don’t need to be explicitly or even implicitly political. Abstract contributions are also welcome.

  • Your contribution can be in any language – whether in Scots, Gaelic, English or any international tongue.

We are working on a website where content – images, videos and sound recordings – can be shared and where all of the new work will eventually be collated.

Tradfest 2014

Highlights of this project will be showcased in a curated evening in Teviot on Saturday May 10 as part of this year’s Tradfest –  the vibrant festival in celebration of the traditional arts. Tradfest’s theme for 2014 is ‘Revival and Renaissance’ which will explore the cyclical way in which Scotland’s folk arts burst into life at particular historical periods and influence every other aspect of culture.

Make sure you come along to hear some of this new material and to explore the Giant Wish Tree visual art installation.

If you would like to get involved

Email us at aatheairts@nationalcollective.com and we’ll send you all the information you’ll need. Please share this idea with your family, children, friends, colleagues, students or anyone else who might be interested.