Project: Yes Poster Competition


If you were asked to design a poster that inspires a nation, what would it be?

Images have always played an important role in shaping our identity, our culture and our perspectives of history. Art has an immeasurable power to influence people, to inspire ideas and to motivate change. In 2008, ‘Hope’, the iconic image of Obama’s election campaign, became a recognisable symbol of change around the world. In every corner of the planet and in every era of history, political art and political symbols have accompanied and influenced movements for change.

As political ideologies have declined to be replaced with managerialism, and print has been replaced by digital, some say the art of the poster has gone. We think this year it’s due for a revival.

So we’ve teamed up with Bella Caledonia and the Scottish Independence Convention to invite designers, visual artists and art students to mark the year of Yes with an iconic image.

There is a £1000 prize money for the best entry. We are looking for work that inspires and motivates, posters that will become a powerful and constant presence over the summer, helping the public to imagine a better Scotland.

We’ll not only print out 1000’s of the winning poster, we’ll publish all the winners and make them available for you to download and print out.

Yes Poster Competition

If you were asked to design a poster that inspires a nation, what would it be?

Competition entries will be judged by our panel (see below).

The deadline for entries is June 27 2014, with an exhibition of the prize winners taking place at The Art Cave at a later date.

Entry Guidelines

The original artwork can be using any medium and at any size you wish, however please submitted artwork must meet the following specification:

Format: Portrait
Size: A2 (420 x 594 mm)
Colour: CMYK
Resolution: 300dpi

Please send your artwork to: [email protected]


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  1. SC1

    Nice project.
    I’m no artist, but trying to think of some slogans and ideas that could maybe inspire those with design skills..

    To me, a successful poster would hammer home the message of ’empowerment’, with a simple slogan or image.

    Because that’s basically what it’s all about.
    The powers to make our own decisions as a country. And having more of a voice in the world.

    So I reckon something along the lines of “Empower Ourselves!” or “Let’s Take Control.” could work as a simple slogan, if someone could think of a decent image to go with it.

    The current slogan is also excellent: “Scotland’s Future in Scotland’s Hands”

    “A Fairer Scotland, A Better Britain” would appeal to those with dual identities.
    Perhaps “A Powerful Scotland, A Balanced Britain”.

    Maybe a campaign around the theme of ‘Rebirth’ for the perspective of a fresh start..
    Regaining the status of a sovereign nation after 300 years.
    Something to visualise the idea of looking forwards, not backwards.

    And “Lets’ Make History!” for the last couple of weeks of a campaign.

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