National Collective Announce Yestival Tour Dates


National Collective today announces dates and locations of a major cultural tour as part of Yestival, The Summer of Independence.

Travelling across Scotland from the 30th June until the 3rd August, the Yestival tour will showcase the grassroots cultural movement for Scottish Independence and will include communities in the Scottish Borders, Dumfries & Galloway, central Scotland, Western Isles, the Highlands, Orkney, Shetland, the North East, Angus, Perthshire and Fife as well as all of the country’s seven cities.

The busy schedule will include a mixture of small gatherings, pop-up happenings and larger scale events together with a few surprises along the way.

All of this is possible after a highly successful crowdfunder which raised the targeted £30,000 to help make Yestival happen. It cannot be overstated how much each contribution is appreciated. A massive thank you goes out to everyone who has donated.

Featuring an array of artists, details of which will be announced shortly, the Yestival tour is only one part of Yestival – our month long celebration in communities across the whole of Scotland. We’d love to visit every single town, village, nook and cranny of the country but time is against us. Beyond the tour itself we encourage other yes activists to host events in their own communities throughout July. Whether your event involves music, theatre, art, film, discussion or debate, get creative and take part in the Summer of Independence! Yestival will showcase this buzzing grassroots activity on our media platforms for the world to see. This is our one big opportunity to show the world we can Imagine a Better Scotland.

Leaving on the 30th June from National Collective’s subterranean headquarters in Leith, The Art Cave, the touring party will travel the length and breadth of Scotland and is hosting events in the following locations on these dates:

30 June – Haddington
01 July – Melrose
02 July – Sanquhar
03 July – Ayr
04-06 July – Glasgow
08 July – Falkirk
09-12 July – Edinburgh
13 July – Fort William
15 July – South Uist
16 July – North Uist
17 July – Harris
18 July – Stornoway
18 July – Skye
19 July – Ullapool
20 July – Inverness
21-22 July – Orkney
23-24 July – Shetland
25 July – Lossiemouth
26 July – Aberdeen
28 July – Montrose
29 July – Arbroath
30 July – Dundee
31 July – Perth
01 August – St Andrews
02 August – Stirling

For further announcements and details for Yestival, please visit

National Collective

Illustration by Vonny Moyes


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  1. Dominic Barratt

    I’m also disappointed that Yestival is going to skirt around Skye. With over 12,000 living here and many times that visiting from all over Scotland each year I would have thought that Skye was an obvious choice of venue. I’m happy that my contribution has helped to enable Yestival but…

  2. Dorothy Bruce

    So pleased you are having an event in the Borders. This area has been largely forgotten but needs much encouragement.

  3. Richard Gibbons

    Yestival goes to Sanquhar, population 2300, the only date in Dumfries and Galloway population 150,000 🙁 … I hope there will be more dates in SW Scotland. Trip along the A75 between Dumfries and Stranraer will get most towns in the region.

    1. Stoosh

      See my post above, Richard – I totally agree. A short step down from Ayr, & there are plenty of good venues here, in Stranraer, NS, CD, Kirkcudbright, Gatehouse, Dumfries, Lockerbie etc. And lots willing to take part too I’ll bet.

  4. Stoosh

    Why’s there only the one event in Dumfries & Galloway? It’s a huge area, & had the highest combined Tory/UKIP vote at the Euro elections, hence the need to fight harder here than most places, have a presence, show what we’re made of. And the event is in Sanquhar, right on the very northern edge of the region & not a traditional Gallovidian venue. The region has an abundance of artistic talent & a strong & active Radical Indy group. So why no Dumfries or Stranraer, Kirkcudbright or Newton Stewart? I’m disappointed, moreso because you seem to’ve given up on us without really realising just how much support there is for Yes here in the arts & in the townships. Please re-consider.

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