9 No Campaign Claims And Why They Are Wrong

Adam Ramsay has compiled a list of 9 things that the No campaign say, and why these things are fallacies. The reasons are taken from Adam’s book, 42 Reasons to Support Scottish Independence

1 – “The union is about pooling resources and sharing risk”


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Britain is the most unequal country in Europe. When they talk about the Union ‘pooling resources’ I think they’re talking about the sun drenched piscines of Monaco or some other tax haven. Of course what they actually mean is ‘pool your hard earned money in the bank accounts of the people who own the companies ripping you off’. And when they say ‘share risk’, they mean ‘make the poor and disabled pay for the gambling of the bankers’.

2 – “Yes is uncertain”


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Westminster is promising to destroy the welfare state. The only certainty it offers is that which you’d get in the half second after jumping off Big Ben. In any case, the future is always uncertain. The only question is how much control you have over it. That’s what this referendum is about.

3 – “Yes is a gamble with the economy”



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Westminster has done nothing to stabilise the banks, and the South East is back into a massive housing bubble. The British economy is about to fall off a cliff. This is the best chance there is to escape.

4 – “We don’t know what the currency will be”

Tristan Martin -_

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It’ll be the pound as part of a currency union. As Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says, they’re bluffing.

5 – “There’s no plan B”

Swire - Bank of Ireland

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Yes there is – use the pound anyway, like Ireland did for half a century and New Zealand did for five years. Interest rates are already set by the independent Monetary Policy Committee, so it’s not like we have a say over them anyway. If we then want to, we could vote to set up our own currency at some point in the future. It’s not a coincidence that most of the richest countries in the world are small European countries with their own currency, and the chance to become one of them isn’t to be sniffed at.

6 – “Salmond’s threat to default on debt is a risk to us all”

Garret Coakley Out of Debt

Image by Garret Oakley

Bond traders who lend money to governments aren’t disciplinary teachers. They are people who want to make money off their investment. They don’t ‘punish’ people for not doing what they want. They invest or don’t invest based on the future likelihood of someone paying back. 
If Scotland is treated as a ‘new country’ with no share of the assets of the UK (rather than an equal successor state), it has no obligation to pay back debts it (the new country) didn’t run up, just like a child leaving home doesn’t have to pay back their parents’ mortgage unless they get to own a part of the house. Bond traders looking for someone to lend to are going to see a rich country with no debt as a pretty attractive prospect. That would mean it would likely be relatively cheap for us to borrow from them. 
And remember, at the moment, the UK has to pay a higher interest rate than 13 of the 28 countries in the EU. So it’s not like we’re doing brilliantly right now in that regard.

7 – “Isn’t Salmond exaggerating the oil figures?”

Ian Robertson Turbines

Image by Ian Robertson

We shouldn’t be burning the filthy stuff anyway. Without oil, Scotland is already as rich per head as the average of the rest of the UK, and independence gives us the chance to tap into our bountiful renewable capacity – which we have more of than any other European country.

8 – “Independence is just about separation”

David Thompson United Nations

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It’s about joining the international community. That’s the opposite of separation.

9 – “Independence will divide us from people in England”

Chris Brown Bridge Workers

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You don’t need to share a Prime Minister with someone to love them. Westminster is known the world over as the Parliament which invented divide and rule. It teaches us to blame migrants and disabled people for our economic failures. It tricks English people into believing they subsidise Scots and Scots into believing all English people are toffs. It certainly doesn’t unite us. Just as we don’t need to share a Prime Minister with Irish people to be friends with them, we don’t need to be run from London to be friends with English people.

Adam Ramsay
National Collective


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  1. andy pirie

    1st point. The uk is the most unequal country in Europe,true. Why will independence fix that? what are the mechanisms? Oh you mean the ones that already exist. If the UK is unequal so is Scotland, cutting corporation tax isnt exactly the first move on the road to wealth redistribution. 2nd point: Uncertainty, of course independence creates uncertainty, its a series of wishes and hopes that no one can tell us anything about . As for Westminster destroying the welfare state thats nonsense, its the Tories who are attacking it right now, Westminster is only a place the attack on the welfare state is about class. 3rd point: the economic gamble. The article argues we should cut and run from the economic basket case that is England. Then in point 4 he tells us we will enter into a currency union of what will be a foreign nation which will then set key economic policy for Scotland. He cant want out then want in, or can he? it seems that is exactly a good metaphor for all the yes campaigns wishes. 4th point: Currency, i refer you to point 3, however just because Joseph Stiglitz says it’ll happen doesnt make it true. There are both economic and political factors to be taken into the equation.i also refer you back to point 2 about uncertainty. 5th point: plan B, Plan B is to keep our fingers crossed and hope that we get plan A or we do a Panama or make it up as we go along. 6th point: It will be great to have no debt and there will be no comeback on the economy from this. Its completely fanciful to imagine that a nation which does this will have to answer to no one, but yet again the writer contradicts himself because he has already said that he wants all the debt because he wants the pound sterling. 7th point: Exaggerated oil figures. Maybe yes maybe no, But 99% of Scottish oil is owned by foreign companies, we dont control the north sea, its controlled abroad. While oil is a huge bonus basing our whole economic future on it makes us a wee bit like a banana republic . 8th and 9th points: independence is about seperation, its says Scotland good England bad. The nationalists have been clever in substituting Westminster for England but it adds up to the same thing. Independence will mean if all goes yes’ way, we have an English monarch, an English central bank, an English pound, all other areas of economic policy will be scrutinised and decided in Brussels and we will have NATO to protect us from all the bad guys, wow! how independent is that.

  2. juergenwahl

    Just what does the “Yes” vote for Scottish independence from the United Kingdom mean, if anything at all? Well, this vote, to be taken on 18 September may mean a lot.

    The United Kingdom (UK) consists of a political amalgam of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Its combined GDP is $US 2.387 trillion, and with a population totaling 63.7 million people, its per capita GDP amounts to $US 37,450. Scotland’s GDP accounts for $US 245.267 billion, has 5.3 million people, and a per capita GDP of $US 46,320. Scotland accounts for 8.3% of UK population, but according to the BBC, accounts for a disproportionate share of 9.9% of total UK public sector revenue.

    Should Scotland vote to leave the UK, the UK’s GDP will reduce by 10.3%, as well as losing 9.9% of its gross tax revenues (around 2-3% net, but still quite significant). Per capita GDP will decline by $US 805 to $US 36,645, a 2.2% hit. This means that to maintain social spending at present levels, which is considerable, public debt will have to be increased sharply, which could tip the economy’s scales back into recession. If spending is reduced, social strife is likely to ensue. The Tory party will get a well deserved bloody nose, and I would not be surprised to see the forced exit of PM David Cameron and most of his Cabinet from public life. Ditto for Ed Miliband and his cronies. The Pound, stock market, and bond market are likely to take hits from a real loss of wealth. The UK stock market presently looks quite wobbly, indeed.

    Supposedly, the royal family is concerned about this breakup. But what have they done to keep the union together? Living the life of luxury on an occasional jaunt to Balmoral Castle, and smiling and waving like aging, spoiled children while raking in the dough is not quite enough to inspire confidence in a population conquered by force some 300 years ago. And now, they have become clownish perpetrators of the highly farcical and intimidating, “No” campaign.

    If English leaders truly want to save the Union, they need to be more accommodative of the potential separation. Emphasize reasons for staying in the union without all of the heavy handed threats. Promise the Scottish people that if they do choose to leave, that England will do all within her power to aid and assist Scotland into coming into her own. Declare and mean that if the marriage cannot last, then both parties will remain the best of supportive friends upon parting. The offer of honey seems to trump the proffering of vinegar in almost every situation.

  3. Johan Whalley

    Should it elude The Stupid, oka The Egotists, or The Dumb, oka The Conditioned-Conditional, should Scottish devolution turned out be be the doom and gloom naysayers predict, will they accept Scotland re-joining the Union after their failed gamble? “They would but under stiffer conditions from US?” RU stoopid or merely dumb, toots?

    Ask ploddy trying to solve a criminal mystery and the first thing he’ll tell you is that, “The Answer Lies in The Motive”. As such, what is Da Motive of The Criminally Insane congregating Powar down in Londonium by The River Tamasik creaming-off their toffs? Go on, have another guess. You know you shore kan do eet – even having downed another half-cooked cow !!

    For those unable to count beyond their toes other than hurling zeroes at their afflictions, the main reason any sane human voting “YES” for Scottish “Independence” is firstly to escape from the cluthes of The Criminally Insane. After that, it will be Brownie’s turn for Das Boot followed by Da SkullCapped Mr 3xEduction, you know, that devil who sold Da UK down the river [but not when one is no longer a part of Da UK, of course] whilst not forgetting being truly distanced from the clutches of some DNA of Downtown TelAviv-Kiev and their myriad of Taxation & Credit trickeries. For G_d’s sake, let alone God’s sake, act Sane even if you cannot help being Insane. Haven’t the seeming silence of Da Opposition, whose loyalty lies Waay Over Thar where SkullyCappy is gallivanting, told your Egotisitcal-Conditioned selves something yet? Eh, or is dancing with nuffin’ undar Da Kilt still the better option.

  4. Blitzen Maniax

    As a long term solution cutting corporation tax is a winner as Lithuania discovered soon after its break with Russia. They went from bread queues to western Europe standards within a year as business after business relocated from the high tax Nordic countries of Sweden Norway and Finland. They were the first country of the baltic states to satisfy the criteria to join the euro. The down side of this was rampant inflation. I think we should consign the pound to the dustbin of history go down the road followed by most Icelanders against their own governments advice then warnings and adopt a Crypto currency officially. As a new nation with initial feel good factor and a relatively open government it would be very easy to base the currency not on gold reserves as they have done fir the last thousand years but on the labour of our country. No single party involved in either campaign have denied that we have everything we need to be a prosperous nation If our books are open as so far the SNP has pledged to do then it the potential of this countries labour , exports , oil , green energy and the wage packet that you and I earn from the jobs we will be able to have and not slave labour training courses developed by Tories who spend more on their lunch than a family of four have to support themselves in a week. This would not only prevent a run on our currency but would make it highly sought after as an investment .. George Osborne has started to devalue sterling which has been artificially pegged at a high rate for two years. In the same two years the bitcoin has gone from 5 pounds to a high of over 60 pounds before a large theft put it on the skids for a while but is still worth 60 times today what it was worth 2 years ago. Its not even an official currency. I think John Sweeney is a bit old hat to take us down that road but as the young team come through they will be much more aware of what it does and how it works.. The oil will not last forever but a strong currency developed along these lines would not only gain against most if not all conventionally backed currencies but also keep our politicians in line as it needs transparency to work but if any attempt to hide stuff would adversely affect the currency which would get them unelected as quick as you could queue outside all the ex banks of Scotland. The future is bright . Hopefully the nation will come together and a new collective will take the place of the collectors.

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