Over 1,300 Artists Sign Letter In Support of Yes Vote


On Saturday 30th August 2014, the following letter was sent to artists of all kinds across Scotland. By the close of day, it had garnered over 200 signatures. With a deadline of Tuesday at midnight, it was thought that perhaps we would receive around 600 names.

Instead, over 1,300 artists have signed this statement of support for independence. That we have gathered the support of a great deal of well-kent folks is not the story. The story is the movement. This is the culmination of over 2 years of campaigning by National Collective and others in the cultural movement for Yes. These individuals represent the tip of the iceberg of a grassroots movement that has galvanised the entire country, often far from the gaze of prime-time news outlets.This is not about celebrity. It is about imagination, creative-thinking and a desire for change.

As such, those who have signed up are presented alphabetically, with no hierarchy in terms of authorship. This letter was led by individuals within National Collective, but is not limited to its membership. The letter will appear on the National Collective website, with the opportunity for people to continue adding their names in support of it. In the meantime, here is the letter; here are the supporters.

The Letter:

We believe that Scotland can and should be an independent country.

We believe that Scottish culture will flourish come what may, but that political independence will give the people of Scotland the opportunity to build a better country, both socially and politically. We believe that our culture is shaped by how we choose to conduct politics, and that democracy is better served with power closer to home. We believe that with independence the people of Scotland and their elected representatives will be able to address the issues Scotland has to face as a nation.

We understand there are uncertainties. We embrace them. We understand that a yes vote is not a panacea to solve all Scotland’s ills. We are not voting yes because we think Scotland is better than other countries. We are voting yes because we believe it is equal to them. We are voting yes because we have imagined a better country. Now, we want to build it.



Aaron Dennington (Songwriter, Composer & Producer)

Aby Watson (Performance Maker)

Adam Curtis (Festival Founder, Wickerman & Eden)

Adam Johnston (Designer)

Adam Paterson (Artist)

Adam Pearson (Musician, White Heath)

Adam Ramsay (Writer)

Adam Ross (Musician, Randolph’s Leap)

Adam Stafford (Musician & Filmmaker)

Adam Sutherland; (Fiddler, Tunesmith & Teacher)

Adrian Searle (Publisher)

Agnes Torok (Poet)

Angus Carbarns (Musician & Blogger)

Aidan Moffat (Writes Words, Sings Songs)

Aidan O’Rourke (Musician & Composer)

Aileen Green (Painter)

Aileen Lynn (Youth Arts Coordinator & Music Promoter)

Aileen McKay (Stage Manager)

Ailidh Lennon (Musician & Weaver)

Aimee Chalmers (Writer)

Aimee van Bruegel (Artist & Illustrator)

Ainslie Henderson (Animator)

Al Pyke (Designer & Photographer)

Alan Bissett (Novelist & Playwright)

Alan Campbell (Sci-FI Author & Screenwriter

Alan Campbell (Visual Artist)

Alan Cumming (Actor)

Alan McCredie (Photographer)

Alan McKendrick (Playwright & Theatre Director)

Alan McMaster (Film Maker)

Alan Riach (Poet & Professor of Scottish Literature, Glasgow University)

Alan Ross (Musician)

Alan Warner (Author)

Alana MacInnes (Musician)

Alanna Knight (Writer)

Alasdair Fraser (Fiddler, Teacher & Promoter)

Alasdair Gray (Visual & Verbal Artist)

Alasdair Iain Johnston (Musician)

Alasdair Stephen (RIAS,Partner Dualchas Architect)

Alastair Mackie (Musician)

Alec Beattie (Writer, Performer, Promoter & Publisher)

Aleesha Thompson (Writer)

Aleks Jurczyk (Musician)

Alex Aitchison (Photographer & Illustrator)

Alex Boyd (Artist & Photographer)

Alex Cox (Writer)

Alex Hetherington (Modern Edinburgh Film School)

Alex Urquhart-Taylor (Musician)

Alex White (Mural Artist & TV Researcher)

Ali McAuley (Art Courier & Curator)

Ali Wallace (Artist-painter)

Ali Wyllie (Art Director at Recoat)

Alice Betts (Artist)

Alice McGrath (Producer)

Alice McMurrough (Visual Artist)

Alice Nelson (Filmmaker)

Alicia Bruce (Photographer)

Alicia Matthews (Artist)

Alison Macleod (Jeweller)

Alison Miller (Author)

Alison Philp (Visual Artist)

Alister MacInnes (Designer & Artist, DUFI ART)

Allan MacDonald (Musician, Niteworks)

Allie Butler (Director)

Allistair Burt (Artist/ Designer, Hole in my Pocket)

Allister Yuen-Trench (Actor)

Aly Bain (Musician)

Alyson Jane Fisher (Children’s Art Worker & Craft Artist)

Amanda McGoldrick (Dubbing Mixer)

Amy Geddes (Musician)

Amy MacDougall (Musician & Music Charity Project Developer)

Amy Rosa (Live Artist)

Amy Shipway (Publisher)

Amy Whiten (Managing Director at Recoat)

Ander Rigg (Musician)

Andrea Sayers (Artist & Designer)

Andrew Adair (Ceramic Artist)

Andrew Redmond Barr (Writer, Artist)

Andrew Gifford (Musician)

Andrew Goldie (Church Organist)

Andrew Greig (Writer)

Andrew Law (Architect)

Andrew Lee (Sequential Artist)

Andrew McAvoy (Chartered Architect)

Andrew McNeil (Teacher & Writer)

Andrew Merry (Musician, Writer & Film maker)

Andrew Moore (Circus Musician, Nofit State & Digital Fabricator)

Andrew Pennycuick (Musician, Bombskare)

Andrew Priestman (Potter & Painter)

Andrew Roberston (Textile Designer)

Andrew Robertson (Editor)

Andrew Rothney (Actor)

Andrew Squire (Visual Artist & Architect)

Andrew Summers (Architect)

Andrew Wake (Artist, Musician & Music Tour Manager at AAATouring)

Andrew Wood (Musician/Broadcast Engineer

Angela Darcy (Actress & Singer)

Angela Lennon (Curator)

Angela Wrapson (Curator & Arts Consultant)

Angie Weddell (Poet)

Angus Monro (Musician)

Anikó Szilágyi (Translator)

Ann G Nisbet RIAS ( Architect & Director, Ann Nisbet Studio)

Ann Wegmuller-Paton (Visual Artist)

Anna Crowe (Writer & Translator)

Anna Hodgart (Theatre Producer)

Anna King (Artist)

Anna Rothach (Graphic Designer)

Anna Stewart (Writer)

Anne Hogg (Writer)

Anne Lindsay (Actor & Educator)

Anne Macleod (Writer)

Anne Milne (Filmmaker)

Annie Crabtree (Artist)

Annie Grace (Musician/Actor)

Annie Griffin (Filmmaker)

Annie Harrower-Gray (Writer & Freelance Journalist)

Anya Mccullagh (Singer)

Aonghas MacNeacail (Poet & Writer)

Arabella Harvey (Curator)

Ariel Killick (Artist, Independent State of Happiness)

Archie MacFarlane (Photographer & Musician)

Arthur Cormack (Gaelic Singer & Recording Company Director)

Ashley Cook (Printmaker)

Ashley Good (Photographer)

B. Khan (Filmmaker & Visual Artist)

Barbara Rae (Artist)

Barney Dellar (Folk Singer)

Barry Burns (Musician, Mogwai)

Barry Graham (Author & Journalist)

Barry Jenkins (Artist & Illustrator)

Becky Leach (Musician & Writer)

Becky Šik (Artist)

Belinda Love (Agent)

Ben Bryden (Saxophonist & Composer)

Ben Cowie (Video Director)

Ben Fletcher-Watson (Academic & Theatre-Maker)

Ben Harrison (Theatre Director)

Ben Hesling (Musician & Teacher)

Beth Allan (Film & TV Producer)

Beth Dynowski (Artist)

Beth Morton (Director & Writer)

Beth Sutherland (Creative & Designer)

Beti Scott (Artist)

Biff Smith (Musician)

Bill Ryder-Jones (Musician)

Bill Smith (Architect, Writer & Musician)

Bill Telfer (Architect/ Musician)

Bill Thom (Piper & Poet)

Bill Wright (Lecturer & Theatre-maker)

Billy Bates (Musician & Guitar Tutor)

Billy Kay (Writer & Broadcaster)

Billy Mack (Actor)

Billy McKirdy (Bard of the Buses)

Blair McMillan (Drummer & Songwriter)

Blair Young (Director)

Blue (Musician)

Bob Morton (Theatre Producer)

Bram E. Gieben (Writer & Performer)

Brian Cope (Composer)

Brian Cox (Actor)

Brian Houston (Graphic Designer)

Brian Hughes (CEO of KILTR)

Brian Johnstone (Poet, Writer & Performer)

Brian McAlpine (Musician, Composer)

Brian Miller (Guitarist, Vocalist, Mandolinist & Epidemiologist)

Brian Steele (Wes Wemyss, Musician)

Bruce Downie (Theatre maker)

Bruce Fummey (Comedian)

Bruce MacGregor (Blazin’ Fiddles, Radio broadcaster, Events Director)

Bruce Morton (Comedian)

Cailean Hall-Gardiner (Musician & Science communicator)

Cal Flyn (Writer/ Reporter)

Callan MacCormick (Acting Coach)

Callum Baird (Musician)

Callum Smith (Freelance Producer)

Calum Barker (Singer

Calum Beaton (Actor)

Calum Carlyle (Musician, Singer & Songwriter)

Calum Carr (Illustrator)

Calum Lykan (Storyteller)

Calum Rodger (Poet)

Calum Ross (Designer)

Cameron Foster (Cultural Activist & Events Organiser)

Caoimhin Watts (Animator)

Cara McNaught  (Visual Arts & Creative Activism)

Carla Easton (Singer & Songwriter)

Carmen Millar (Street Theatre)

Caroline Darke (Arts Fundraiser)

Caroline Douglas (Artist)

Caroline Evens (Musician)

Caroline Overy (Musician & Songwriter)

Carrie Bulley (Fiddler)

Cat Cochrane (Writer & Journalist)

Cat Hepburn (Writer)

Cat Ingall (Artist)

Cate Ross (Performer, Visual Artist & Community Arts Worker)

Catherine King (Artist)

Cathi Sell (Acrobat & Physical Performer)

Catrin Evans (Theatre Director & Playwright)

Catrin Evans (Theatre Director & Playwright)

Catriona MacInnes (Filmmaker)

Catriona Ruth Patterson, Wild Card Kitty (Performer, Writer & Director)

Celia Newell (Musician, White Heath)

Celine Mcilmunn (Artist & Art Tutor)

Charlie Reid (Musician, The Proclaimers)

Chay Woodman (Festival Organiser)

Chelle Parker (Creative Radio Producer & Creative Youth Media Development Consultant)

Cherylene Dyer (Artist)

Chloe Dobson (Arts Education Practitioner)

Chris Dooks (Artist & Doctoral candidate)

Chris James Marr (Musician, Producer & Sound Engineer)

Chris Kelly (Artist, Producer, Researcher &Trade Unionist)

Chris Nicolson (Musician, Niteworks)

Chris Silver (Contemporary Artist)

Chris Tauber (Artist)

Chris Wright (Ethnologist & Traditional Singer)

Christie Williamson (Poet)

Christine Devaney (Choreographer)

Christopher Brookmyre (Author)

Christopher Marra (Musician)

Christopher Millington (Fashion Blogger)

Christopher Muir (Filmmaker)

Christopher Silver (Writer & Filmmaker)

Christopher Young (Film & TV Producer)

Ciara Barry (Producer)

Ciaran McAllister AKA BulletBeard (Street Artist & Sign Painter.)

Claire Lamond (Animator)

Claire Stewart (Organiser & Creative)

Clare McAllister  (Artist)

Clare McGarry Artistic Director (Grinagog Theatre)

Clive Andrews (Entertainer)

Clive Ramage (Artist)

Colette Campbell (Musician)

Colin Baillie (Part II Architectural Assistant)

Colin Begg (Poet, Editor & Doctor)

Colin Little (Actor)

Colin McArdle (Musician)

Colin McCafferty (Musician, Bombskare)

Colin Monie (Film Editor)

Colin Steele (Musician)

Colin Tennant (Photographer)

Colm O’Liatháin (Author)

Conor Markey (Musician)

Conrad Molleson (Musician)

Cora Bissett (Theatre Director & Actor)

Corneilius Pierce (Artist)

Corrina Hewat (Musician & Composer)

Craig Coulthard (Artist)

Craig Gibson (Editor, One O’Clock Gun)

Craig HP Neilson (Musician & DJ)

Craig Johnson (Booker at DF Concerts)

Craig Lithgow (Musician)

Craig Maclean (Photographer)

Craig Peacock (Painter)

Craig Reid (Musician, The Proclaimers)

Craig Robertson (Author)

Craig Somerville (The Merrylees)

Craig Woods (Writer)

Crawford Smith (Musician, Promoter & Booking Agent)

Cristina Ertze (Animator & Film Maker)

Daddy Scotty (Singer & MC)

Damien Smith (Designer)

Dan Lurinsky (Artist, DJ & Label Owner)

Dani Millar (Wardrobe Supervisor, Film & TV)

Daniel Abercrombie (Arts Programmer & Musician)

Daniel McIntosh (Actor)

Daniel Seex (Illustrator)

Daniel Wylie (Musician)

Danny Gillan (Author & Musician)

Darren (Loki) McGarvey (Rapper & Activist)

Darren Brownlie (Actor)

Darren O’Rourke (Drummer, Banter Thiefs)

Darryl McCabe (Musician)

Dave Arrowsmith (Film and TV Production Designer)

Dave Coates (Poetry Critic)

Dave Hook (Musician)

Dave Milligan (Musician)

Dave Paton (Musician)

Davey Anderson (Playwright)

David Aitchison (Writer & Cultural Activist)

David Byrne (Writer)

David Cornelius (Drawer, Painter & Architect)

David Dickson (Musician)

David Francis (Musician & Songwriter)

David Frew (Graphic Designer)

David Galletly (Illustrator)

David Goodman (Writer & Web developer)

David Greig (Playwright)

David Hutchison (Filmmaker)

David Kay (Comedian)

David Kelly (Designer)

David Kinloch (Poet)

David Macleod  (Film & TV Art Department)

David McAulay (Composer & Producer)

David McCluskey (Music Therapist, Songwriter & Performer)

David McDonald (Poet)

David Miller (Musician)

David Moore (Artist, Lecturer in Sculpture)

David Murphy (Designer, Illustrator & Printmaker)

David O’Neill (Musician)

David Officer (Photographer, Sound-Artist & Writer)

David Patrick (Visual Artist)

David Powell (Artist)

David Reynolds (Visual Effects Artist)

David Smith (Film Producer)

Davie Burt, Location Manager (Film & TV)

Debbie Mackay (Actress)

Deborah Richardson-Webb (Educator & Performance Maker)

Declan McKay (Musician, Young Aviators)

Declan Welsh (Singer-Songwriter)

Dee Elegia (Photographer)

Dee Heddon (Walking Artist)

Deirdre Davis (Actor)

Deirdre Graham (Gaelic Singer)

Déirdre Ní Mhathúna (Artist & Singer)

Denise Cochrane (Photographer & TV/Film Camera Assistant)

Derek Bateman (Broadcaster)

Derek France (Poet & Writer)

Derek Green (Painter)

Derek Lodge (Artist & Musician)

Derek Robertson (Artist)

Derek Watson (Musician, Banter Thiefs)

Diana Hendry (Poet, Children’s Author)

Diane Heron (Writer & Author)

Digger Nutter (Designer)

Dòl Eoin MacKinnon (Songwriter & Filmmaker)

Dolina MacLennan (Actress, Singer & Writer)

Dominic Aitchison (Musician, Mogwai)

Dominic Di Rollo (Theatre Student)

Dominic Venditozzi (Musician)

Dominique Carton (Photographer)

Don Coutts (Film/TV Director)

Donald Butler (Visual Artist & Writer)

Donald Smith (Director)

Donna McGlynn (Artist & Illustrator)

Dot Reid (Musician)

Doug Johnstone (Writer)

Doug Wightman (Musician)

Doug Wilson (Tour Manager)

Douglas Clark (English Teacher)

Douglas H Lang (Sculptor, Painter, Potter & Dressmaker)

Douglas Morland (Artist)

Douglas Wilson (Tour Manager & Musician)

Dr. Beth Legg (Designer & Maker)

Dr. Gareth Williams (Composer)

Dr. Jan Hogarth (Environmental Artist)

Dr. Jane Bentley (Musician)

Dr. Kenneth MacKenzie Anderson PhD (Writer)

Dr. Laura Bissell (Lecturer in Contemporary Performance Practice)

Dr. Lauren Sarah Hayes (Composer, Performer & Sonic Artist)

Dr. Stewart Stirling (Architect)

Dr. Zara Gladman (Scientist & Comedian)

Drew Wright (Musician)

Duncan Airlie James (Professional Actor & Ex-Multi World Thai / Kick Boxing Champion)

Duncan Chisholm (Musician)

Duncan Gammie (Architect)

Duncan Lockerbie (Publisher, Tapsalteerie)

Duncan Lyall (Musician)

Duncan MacInnes (Musician)

Duncan McLean (Writer & Musician)

Eamon Doorley (Musician)

Eclair Fifi (Artist, DJ & Radio Host)

Eddie Dick (Makar Productions)

Eddie Gibbons (Poet, Writer & Media Designer)

Eddie McGuinney (Musician)

Edward Stack (Musician & Events Producer)

Eileen Penman (Singer & Songwriter)

Eilidh Izat (Part II Architectural Assistant)

Eilidh Mackenzie (Gaelic Singer & Songwriter)

Eilidh McCormick (Actor)

Eilidh McDonald (Graphic Designer)

Eilidh Munro (Gaelic Singer &Traditional Musician)

Eilidh Scammell (Musician & Artist)

Elaine Henry (Publisher, Word Power Books)

Elaine MacKenzie Ellis (Actor & Writer)

Eleanor Morton (Comedian)

Eleanor Symms (Artist)

Eleanor Thom (Author)

Eleanor Yule (Writer & Director)

Elise V Allan (Artist)

Elizabeth Waugh (Sculptor)

Ella Kennedy (Artist & Writer)

Ellie Dubois (Artist)

Ellie Stewart (Playwright)

Elph (Artist)

Em Strang (Poet, Editor & Tutor)

Emily Cavanagh (Part II Architectural Assistant)

Emily Hesling (Musician & Ecologist)

Emily Millichip (Fashion Designer)

Emily Reid (Director)

Emma Brierley (Theatre Artist)

Emma Dove (Documentary Film-maker)

Emma Gilchrist (Writer)

Emma Lennox (Writer)

Emma Lindsay (Artist)

Emma McDowall (Musician)

Emma Pollock (Musician & Songwriter)

Emma Snellgrove (Independent Dance Artist)

Erik Zoha (Poet & Online Activist)

Erin Farley (Storyteller)

Esther Frain (Visual Artist & Curator of FemInArtScene)

Euan Campbell (Musician & Songwriter)

Euan Harvey (Sculptor)

Euan Lochhead (Architect)

Euan Martin (Writer)

Eunice Olumide (Model & Musician)

Evey Henderson (Marketing Consultant & Actor)

Ewan Imrie (Architect)

Ewan MacPherson (Musician)

Ewan Robertson (Musician)

F K Alexander (Performance Artist)

Farquhar Macdonald (Musician)

Fergus Halliday (Musician & Cultural Heritage Postgraduate)

Fergus Mitchell (Writer & DJ)

Fergus Walker (Designer)

Fi Vass (Music Manager/ Singer-songwriter)

Fielding Hope (Music Programmer)

Fin Macrae (Photographer, Designer & Public Artist, DUFI ART)

Findlay Napier (Musician)

Finlay Thewlis (QA Engineer, Games Designer)

Fiona Dean (Artist & Researcher)

Fiona Ferguson (Musician & Artist Development)

Fiona Grant Robertson (Artist)

Fiona J Mackenzie (Gaelic Performing Artist)

Fiona Johnston (Stage Manager, Sound Designer, Science Communicator)

Fiona Robinson (Musician, Mechanical Engineer)

Fiona Wright (Artist, Writer, Puppeteer, Facilitator, Activist, Educator & Community Worker)

FiST (Artist)

Flora Bird (Actress & Theatre-Maker)

Flòraidh Forrest (Project Manager, FilmG)

Fran Gordon (Visual Artist)

Francesca Lacey (Theatre-maker)

Francesco Benvenuti (Ecologist & Food Activist)

Francis Lopez (Musician)

Frank Miller (Actor & Director)

Frankie Boyle (Comedian)

Fraser Croall (Animator)

Fraser Fifield (Musician)

Fraser Gray (Visual Artist)

Frazer Watson (Musician & Teacher)

Freeloadin Frank (Songwriter & Activist)

Freya Rae (Musician)

Gabriel Quigley (Actress)

Gail Halvorsen (Architect)

Gair Dunlop (Film-maker & Artist)

Gareth Lindsay (Designer)

Garry Freckleton (Architect)

Garry Sweeney (Actor)

Gary Little (Comedian)

Gary Moore (Musician, Mirror Trap)

Gary Paterson (Architect)

Gary West (Writer & Musician)

Gav Prentice (Musician)

Gavin Cameron (Writer)

Gavin Clark (Musician)

Gavin Dunbar (Musician, Camera Obscura)

Gavin Keogh (Musician & Songwriter)

Gavin Mitchell (Actor)

Gayle Meikle (Curator)

Gayle Smith (Poet & Events Organiser)

George Carson (Actor, Director & Producer)

George Docherty (Actor)

George Donald (Painter & Artist)

George Duff (Singer & Musician)

George Gunn (Poet & Playwright)

George Russell (Music Promoter, DJ & Visual Artist)

Georgia Horgan (Artist)

Geraldine Greene (Artist)

Gerard M Burns (Artist)

Gerard McKeever (Writer & Doctoral Student)

Gerda Stevenson (Actor, Writer, Director, Singer & Songwriter)

Gerry Callaghan (Songwriter)

Gerry Cambridge (Poet & Editor)

Gerry Campbell (Musician)

Gerry Cinnamon (Musician)

Gerry Clark (Video Editor)

Gerry Hassan (Co-organiser, Imagination: Scotland’s Festival of Ideas)

Gerry Loose (Poet)

Gica Loening (Musician)

Gil De Ray (Musician)

Gill Russell (Artist)

Gillian Frame (Musician)

Gillian Steel (Visual Artist & Filmmaker)

Gillie Mackenzie (Singer & Songwriter)

Gordon Dair (Musician)

Gordon Dougall (Composer & Director)

Gordon Irving (Fine Artist & Portrait Painter)

Gordon Mackinnon (Musician, DJ & Producer)

Gordon McGregor (Architect)

Gordon Reilly (Festival Director)

Gordon Shaw (Graphic Designer & Illustrator)

Grace Fairley (Musician)

Grace Mackinnon (Creative Knitter)

Graeme Ditchburn (Architect)

Graeme Hawkins (Freelance Animator)

Graeme JD Ronald (Musician & Composer, Remember Remember)

Graeme McInnes (Musician & Record Producer)

Graeme Mearns (Songwriter, Musician & Producer)

Graeme Smillie (Musician)

Graham Anderson (Graphic Designer)

Graham Dickson (Musician & Writer)

Graham Hawkins (Animator)

Graham Hogg (Architectural Designer)

Graham Johnstone (Graphic Novelist)

Graham Main (Artistic Director)

Graham Maule (Visual, Sound & Text Artist / Liturgist)

Grant Hutchison (Musician)

Grant Jolly (Griter & Photographer)

Grant Keir (Film & TV Producer)

Grant MacCall (Musician & Music Lecturer)

Greg Hemphill (Actor)

Greg Kane (Musician, Hue & Cry)

Greg Moodie (Writer & Graphic Designer)

Greg Powrie (Actor)

Greg Sinclair (Musician & Performance Maker)

Gunnar Groves-Raines (Architect)

Gunnar Ofeigsso (Photographer & Graphic Designer)

Gunnar Þór Ófeigsson (Musician)

Gus MacDonald (Musician)

Gwen Adair (Painter)

Gwen Màiri Yorke (Harpist)

Halina Rifai (Blogger)

Hamish Gibson (Journalist)

Hamish Moore (Musician)

Hamish Napier (Scottish Folk Musician)

Hamish Whyte (Poet, Publisher)

Hamish Young (Visual Artist)

Hanna Tuulikki (Artist)

Hannah Currie (Creative Producer & Music Promoter)

Hannah Elizabeth Fisher (Musician)

Hannah Elizabeth Fisher (Musician)

Hannah Venet (Dance Artist)

Harman Scott RIAS RIBA (Architect)

Harry Giles (Poet, Writer, Performer)

Harry McGrath (Writer)

Harry Wilson (Performance Maker, Researcher & Sound-Artist)

Haxel Mclaren (Arts & Wellbeing Projects)

Hazel Ann Crawford (Actor)

Hazel Frew (Poet)

Hazel McArthur (Artist)

Heather Cassidy (Theatre Practitioner)

Heather Donnelly (Film & TV Art Department)

Heather Macleod (Singer & Producer, Leod Music)

Heather Turner (Writer)

Hector MacInnes (Musician)

Helen Flockhart (Artist)

Helen MacKay (Actor)

Henry Bell (Writer)

Holger Mohaupt (Artist & Filmmaker)

Hugh Bryden (Artist)

Iain Boyce (Lighting Designer)

Iain Craig (Animator & Visual Artist)

Iain Fraser (Traditional Musician & Fiddle Teacher)

Iain Gardner (Animator)

Iain Gray (Writer)

Iain Halket (Theatre Designer, Puppeteer & Artist)

Iain MacDonald (Traditional Musician)

Iain MacFarlane (Musician)

Iain Malcolmson (Architect & Musician)

Iain McLarty (Conductor & Church Musician)

Iain Patterson (Painter)

Iain Robertson (Actor)

Iain Robertson (Writer)

Iain Stewart (Musician)

Ian Crockatt (Poet)

Ian Dodds (Cinematographer, Writer, Photographer & Painter)

Ian Findlay (Musician, The LaFontaines)

Ian Fraser (Circus Artist & Teacher)

Ian Harry Hall (Artist)

Ian Ketchin (Sculptor, Musician & Musical Instrument Maker)

Ian McFadyen (Poet)

Ian McMillan (Architect)

Ian Sclater (Editor & Songwriter)

Imogen Stirling (Actor & Playwright)

Inge Thomson (Musician)

Ingrid Henderson (Musician)

Innes Strachan (Musician, Niteworks)

Innes Watson (Scottish Traditional Musician)

Iona Goldie (Singer & Actor)

Irene Beston (Visual Artist)

Irvine Welsh (Writer)

Isobel Gilchrist (Artist)

Itxaso Moreno (Actor & Theatre Maker)

J David Simons (Author)

Jac Rundell (Visual Artist)

Jack Foster (Film maker & Satirist)

Jack Paterson (Producer)

Jack Webb (Dancer, Coreographer & Director)

Jacki Parry (Artist)

Jacqueline Balfour-Breach (Teacher)

Jake Harvey (Sculptor)

James Devoy (Satirist & Film-maker)

James Gibson (Filmmaker & DJ)

James H. Fairgrieve R.S.A. R.S.W. D.A.(Edin.)

James Houston (Filmmaker & Animator)

James Igoe (Singer- songwriter)

James J Robson (Actor)

James Kearnie Beaton (Artist)

James Kelman (Writer)

James MacDonald Reid (Musician & Folklorist)

James Robertson (Writer)

James Somerville Lindsay (Artist)

James Stephen Wright (Artist)

James Swinburne (Musician)

James Whyte (Musician & Songwriter)

James Wright (Photographer and Filmmaker)

James Yorkston (Musician)

Jamie Cengis Yavruturk (Musician, SeabassKidd)

Jamie Galbreath (Graphic Designer)

Jamie Houston (Musician)

Jamie Jauncey (Writer & Blogger)

Jamie Mann (Writer)

Jamie Stirling (Musician)

Jamie Turnbull (Guitarist & Producer)

Jan Nimmo (Visual Artist & Filmmaker)

Jan Wightman, (Musician & Artist)

Jane Denholm (Musician)

Jane Hepburn (Musician)

Jane McAllister (Documentary Film Maker)

Janet Paisley (Author, Poet & Playwright)

Janette Foggo (Actor)

Janey Godley (Comic & Writer)

Janice burns (Musician & Music Student)

Janice Galloway (Author)

Janie Nicoll (Visual Artist)

Janis Claxton (Choreographer & Arts Producer)

Jannica Honey (Photographer)

Jean Johnstone (Artist)

Jem Le Lievre (Web Developer & Musician)

Jemma Neville (Writer)

Jenna Watt (Theatre-Maker)

Jenni Fagan (Writer)

Jenni Flett (Writer)

Jennie Macfie (Writer, Promoter & Producer)

Jennifer Dick (Director, Actor & Writer)

Jennifer Hainey (Actor & Director)

Jennifer Paterson (Aerial Dance Artist)

Jennifer Williams (Poet)

Jenny Hill (Musician)

Jenny Johnston (Musician)

Jenny Lindsay (Poet, Writer & Events Programmer)

Jenny Soep (Documentary Illustrator & Performance Drawer)

Jeremy Allan Hawkins (Poet)

Jessica Ramm (Artist)

Jill O’Sullivan (Musician)

Jim Colquhoun (Visual Artist)

Jim Ewen (Artist, Musician & Director of Arts & Music Facilitation Company)

Jim Ferguson (Writer)

Jim Mooney (Artist & Professor)

Jim Rafferty (Singer Songwriter)

Jim Sutherl& (Composer)

Jim Tweedie (Artist-painter)

JL Cassells (Artistic Director, Bright Night International)

Jo Clifford (Playwright, Poet, Actress & performer)

Jo Timmins (Theatre Director)

Jo Timmins (Theatre Director)

Joanne Grant (Musician)

Jock Urquhart (Poet & Promoter)

Jody Henderson (Musician)

Joe Hendry (Artist)

Joe Rattray (Musician)

Joe Smillie (Venue Manager & Director, The Glad Cafe)

John ‘Sponi’ Murray (Writer, Musician & Journalist)

John Cummings (Musician, Mogwai)

John Ferry (Painter)

John Ferry (Visual Artist & Painter)

John Gaffney (Actor)

John Gerard (Musician, The LaFontaines)

John Glenday (Poet)

John Gormley (Musician & Composer)

John Griffiths (Musician)

John Kirkwood (Artist)

John Lowis AKA Louie (Rapper, Musician & Youth Arts Coordinator)

John Markey (Musician, Young Aviators)

John McDougall (Photographer)

John Niven (Author)

John Taylor (Artist)

Johnni Stanton (Performer, Author, Director & Community Activist)

Johnny Beaver (Musician & Art Teacher)

JoJo Richardson (Artist & Maker)

Jon Baird (Film Director)

Jon McFarlane (Filmmaker)

Johnathan Elders (3D Designer & Performance Artist)

Jonathan Macpherson (Writer)

Jonathan Mennie (Architect)

Joni Langdale (Designer & Illustrator)

Joni Phippin (Artist)

Jonnie Crawford (Furniture & Product Designer)

Jonny Scott (Musician)

Jordan Young (Actor)

Joseph Ridgwell (Writer & Poet)

Josephine Sillars (Musician)

Josh Longton (Musician)

Joshua Stanley Miller (Cultural Activist)

Joyce Laing (Artist & Curator)

Joyce McFarlane (Environmental Artist)

Joyce Mellish (Artist)

JP Coyle (Jetpace Design)

Jude Barber (Architect)

Jules Gay (Filmmaker)

Julia Taudevin/ AJ Taudevin (Actor & Playwright)

Julian Schwanitz (Cinematographer & Filmmaker)

Julian Schwanitz (Cinematographer & Filmmaker)

Juliana Capes (Artist)

Julie Brown (Textile Artist)

Julie Duncanson (Actor)

Julie Fowlis (Musician)

Julien Pierrefour, Pearly (Musician, Visual Artist & Filmmaker)

June Carey (Artist)

June McMillan (Visual Artist)

Justina Hermann (Performance Artist)

Karen Donald (Freelance Producer & Programmer)

Karen Fraser (Actor)

Karen Jones (Writer/ Full-Time Carer)

Karen M Mooney (Painter & Textile Artist)

Karen McDonald (Writer & Nurse)

Karen O’Hare (Film & TV Producer)

Karen Strang (Painter)

Kari Roberston (Visual Artist)

Karina Baillie (Artist)

Karine Polwart (Songwriter & Musician)

Karl Jay-Lewin (Independent Choreographer & Artistic Director)

Karn David (Artist)

Karyn Dougan (Writer & Editor)

Kate Armstrong (Poet)

Kate Bonney (Lighting Designer)

Kate Charter (Animator)

Kate E. Deeming (Dance Artist)

Kate Higgins (Blogger & Writer)

Kate L Mathis (Writer & Teacher)

Kate McPhail (Musician)

Kate Tough (Writer)

Kate Young (Musician, Composer)

Kath Bruce (Musician)

Katharine Wheeler (Artist)

Katherine Mackinnon (Knitter & Community Worker)

Katherine McMahon (Spoken Word Poet)

Kathleen Jamie (Writer)

Kathleen Lambie (Production Co-ordinator, Film & TV)

Kathrine Sowerby (Poet)

Kathryn Ashill (Artist)

Kathryn Wilkie (Arts Educator & Musician)

Kathy Galloway (Writer)

Katie Fowlie (Artist, Educator)

Katie Gallogly-Swan (Anthropologist)

Katie Shambles (Artist)

Katrina Caldwell (Theatre Maker & Director)

Katrina Mitchell (Musician)

Katy Dove (Visual Artist)

Katy Hastie (Writer & Teacher)

Katy McKidd Stevenson (Artist & Teacher)

Kay Petrie (Graphic Designer)

Keir McAllister. (Comedian & Writer)

Keiran mellotte (Songwriter)

Keith Condie (Musician, Banter Thiefs)

Keith Gray (Young Adult & Children’s Author)

Keith Macpherson (Actor)

Keith McIvor, JD Twitch (DJ/ Producer)

Ken Neil (Writer)

Kenn Musso (Storyteller & Director)

Kenny Grieve (Wood Sculptor)

Kenny McGlashan (Youth Arts Development Manager)

Kev Sherry (Musician)

Kevin Cadwallender (Writer)

Kevin Cameron (Artist Filmmaker)

Kevin Finlay (Poet & Activist)

Kevin MacKenzie (Musician)

Kevin MacNeil (Novelist & Poet)

Kevin Mclean (Poet)

Kevin Murray (Musician)

Kevin Noon (Musician, Event Management & Recoording Studio Owner)

Kevin P. Gilday (Spoken Word Artist)

Kevin Pollock (Artist)

Kevin Tierney (Musician, The Merrylees)

Kevin Williamson (Writer & Publisher)

Khris Beattie (Entertainer)

Kieran Hurley (Playwright & Theatre Maker)

Kieran Sinclair (Musician)

Kieron O’Neill (Musician)

Kimberley Bright (Film & Television Art Department)

Kirsten Hogg (Petty Cash Buyer for TV)

Kirsten Lloyd (Curator)

Kirsten McCrossan (Drama Practitioner)

Kirstin Innes (Writer)

Kirstin McLean (Actor)

Kirsty Law (Singer-songwriter)

Kirsty McBride (Graphic Designer)

Kona MacPhee (Writer)

Kris Drever (Musician & Composer)

Kristofer Rae (Songwriter & Musician)

Kurt Smith (Designer)

Kyle Haughey (Musician, Young Aviators)

Kyoko Kobatake (Poet & Art Theorist)

Kyra Clegg (Artist)

Lachie Munro (Principal, Munro Associates)

Lari Don (Children’s Author & Storyteller)

Laura Fyfe (Writer)

Laura González (Artist & Writer)

Laura Marney (Author)

Lauren Coleman (Freelance Arts Practitioner)

Lauren MacColl (Musician)

Laurie Brown (Actor, Performance Artist)

Lee Brown (Musician, The Merrylees)

Leela Soma (Poet & Writer)

Leigh Ferguson. (Hair Stylist & Musician)

Leo Condie (Musician)

Les Hutt (Architect & Piper)

Lesley Banks (Artist)

Lesley Buchan (Musician)

Lesley Burgher (Architect)

Lesley McDermott (Visual Artist & Teacher)

Lewis Hetherington (Playwright & Director)

Lewis Powell-Reid (Musician)

Leyla Josephine (Performance Artist & Poet)

Liam Baker (Musician)

Liam Boucher (Technical Manager)

Liam Cairns (Musician, Songwriter)

Liam O’Shea (Musician)

Liam Sinclair (Producer)

Liana Moran (Visual Artist)

Libby McArthur (Actor, Director, Writer & Teacher)

Lillias kinsman-Blake (Musician & Graphic Designer)

Lin Anderson (Author & Screenwriter)

Linda Jane Devlin (Actress)

Linda McLean (Playwright)

Linda Ross (Senior Curator, Scottish Maritime Museum)

Linday Barbour (Poet)

Lindsay Todd (Atrist, DJ & Label Owner)

Lisa Keddie (Writer)

Lisa Maria Baruffati  (Producer)

Lisa Rigby (Singer-songwriter)

Liz Gardiner (Cultural Planner)

Liz Lochhead  (Scottish Makar)

Liza Mulholland (Musician & Songwriter)

Lizzie Smith (Architecturally-inclined Creative Person)

Lloyd Meredith (Olive Grove Records)

Lori Watson (Musician)

Lorna Boothroyd (Art Teacher)

Lorna Shields (Designer)

Lorraine McIntosh (Singer)

Lou Brodie (Applied Artist & Performance Maker)

Lou Hickey (Musician)

Lou McLoughlan (Filmmaker)

Louise Boyd (Writer & Art Historian)

Louise Brown (Artist & Teacher)

Louise Cairns (Musician & Songwriter)

Louise Hunter (Musician)

Louise McCarthy (Actor)

Louise Quadrelli (Art Teacher)

Louise Thomason (Writer)

Lowena Ritchie (Actress)

Lucy Deacon (Aerial Artist)

Lucy Hinnie (Academic)

Lucy Pringle (Traditional Singer)

Lucy Sweet (Writer)

Luisa Carmela Casasanta (Artist & Research Student)

Lydia Robb (Poet & Writer)

Lynn Fraser (Body Painter & Artist)

Lynn Sampsell (Musician)

Lynnda Wardle (Writer)

Lynne Mackenzie (Curator)

Maggie Craig (Writer)

Maggie Laidlaw (Arts Based Researcher & Artist)

Magi Gibson (Poet & Writer)

Mairearad Green (Musician)

Mairi Campbell (Musician)

Mairi Lafferty (Visual Artist & Film-Maker)

Mairi McFadyen (Cultural Researcher & Arts Activist)

Malcolm Murdoch (Designer)

Malcolm Ross (Musician)

Mandy Ketchin (Architect)

Mandy Mcintosh (Artist)

Maoilios Caimbeul (Writer)

Margaret Stewart (Gaelic Singer)

Margarida Jorge (Artist & Designer)

Maria Maclennan (Forensic Jeweller & Design Researcher)

Marianne Wilson (Artist)

Marie Lidén (Filmmaker)

Marie Louise Cochrane (Storyteller)

Marie Williamson (Dancer & Aerialist)

Marit Falt (Musician)

Mark Archibald (Photographer)

Mark Brown (Theatre Critic)

Mark Buckland (Publisher)

Mark Coleman (Teacher, Actor & Director)

Mark Dawes (Artist, Musician & Writer)

Mark Di Meo (Graphics & Illustration for TV & Film)

Mark McSwiggan (Musician, A New International)

Mark Osborne (Photographic Artist)

Mark Rowley (Musician, White Heath)

Mark Russell (Writer)

Mark Scott (Musician, PoP Campaign)

Marnie, (Singer/Songwriter)

Marta Adamowicz (Writer)

Martin Baillie (Part II Architectural Assistant)

Martin Bulloch (Musician, Mogwai)

Martin Chomsky (Writer, Musician & Producer)

Martin Clark (Filmmaker)

Martin Compston (Actor)

Martin Donnelly (Musician & Writer)

Martin Hadden, (Managing Director, Birnam CD Limited)

Martin MacIntyre (Writer)

Martin O’Connor (Theatre Maker)

Martin Walker (Musician)

Martyn McKenzie (Songwriter & Painter)

Mary Ann Kennedy (Musician & Broadcaster)

Mary McCabe (Writer)

Mary Robbs (Violinist)

Mary Shaw (Artist)

Maryam Hamidi (Actor)

Matt Baker (Public Artist)

Matt Evans (Musician, Luminous Monsters)

Matt Norris (Musician)

Matt Seattle (Musician & Composer)

Matt Starr (Actor & Writer)

Matthew Bartlet (Musician, Bombskare)

Matthew Fitt (Writer)

Matthew Rawlings (Musician, Lead singer in Friends of America)

Max Scratchmann (Illustrator & Writer)

Max Slaven (Director)

Max Wiszniewski (Writer & Musician)

Meaghan Delahunt (Writer)

Meg Bateman (Poet)

Megan Henderson (Musician)

Megan Taylor (Visual Artist)

Megan Ward (Part II Architectural Assistant)

Melissa Zofia Devine (Fashion Designer)

Merlyn Holmes (Artist)

Mhairi Law (Photographer)

Mhairi M Robertson (Illustrator)

Michael Bryan (Musician)

Michael Chang (Musician & Designer)

Michael Gray (Writer)

Michael Lambert (Manager, Stanley Odd)

Michael Mackinnon (Musician & Visual Artist)

Michael Marten (Photographer & Academic)

Michael Morrison (Musician)

Michael Pedersen (Writer & Events Organiser)

Michael Sherrington (Video Director)

Michael White (Artist)

Michele Gallagher (Actor)

Michelle Cohen (Artist)

Mick Gaffney (#EntrepreneurialFreeSpirit)

Mike Cullen (Screenwriter & Playwright)

Mike Inglis (Artist & Lecturer)

Mike Vass (Musician & Composer)

Minty Donald (Artist)

Miriam Brett (Musician & Writer)

Misha Mccullagh (Actor)

Mitch Miller (Artist & Illustrator)

Moira Dalgetty (Textile Artist)

Moira Morrison (Musician)

Moira Morrison (Musician)

Moira Thomson (Fashion Tutor at GSofA & Administrator)

Mona Keeling (Senior Tutor & Producer, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)

Monica Neeling ( Artistic Director & Teacher )

Morag Brown (Musician)

Morag Macdonald  (Artist & Facilitator)

Morgan Cahn (Artist)

Morgan Downie (Writer & Artist)

Moritz Linkmann (Acrobat)

Murdo Macdonald (Historian of Art & Ideas)

Murray Buchanan (Publisher)

Myra Ostacchini (Visual Artist)

Nancy Somerville (Poet)

Nasrin Maleki (Fashion Designer)

Nat Williams (Poet & Writer)

Natalie McGowan (Artist)

Natalie McIlroy (Visual Artist)

Neil Gilmartin (Creative & Designer)

Neil K Kempsall (Animator, Illustrator, Caricaturist)

Neil Macdonald (Visual Artist)

Neil MacPherson (Artist)

Neil McGuire (Designer & Art School Tutor)

Neil Morrison (Producer & Promoter)

Neil Stephen (RIAS, partner Dualchas Architects)

Neil Stephen Milton (Musician, The Frozen North)

Neil Sutherland (Architect)

Neill Walker (Photographer & Cultural Events)

Nerea Bello (Artist & Translator)

Nessa Johnston (Film Studies Lecturer, Sound Designer, & Stand-up Comedian)

Niall Anderson (Pt II Architectural Assistant)

Niall Campbell (Poet)

Nic Green (Performance Maker)

Nichola Kerr (Musician)

Nick Higgins (Director, We Are Northern Lights)

Nick Mailer (Photographer)

Nick Majoir (Writer)

Nigel Smith (Film & TV producer)

Nina Bacos (Photographer)

Nina Kilmurry-Webley (Artist)

Noel O’Bonnell (Musician)

Nuala Kennedy (Traditional Musician, Singer & Flute Player)

Oliver Emanuel (Playwright)

Oliver Henderson (Photographer)

Oliver Melling. (Musician, Young Aviators)

Olivia Guertler (Artist)

Omar Bhatia (Artist & Actor)

Oscar Samson (Director)

Pablo Lafuente (Musician)

Paola Lazcano, Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Pat Kane (Musician, Writer, Hue & Cry)

Pat Law (Visual Artist)

Patrick Evans (Art Gallery Director & Author)

Patrick Jameson (Artist)

Patrick Monaghan (Musician)

Patrick Wallace (Actor)

Patsy Seddon (Harper & Singer)

Paul Bristow (Writer)

Paul Brunton (Director Rock ‘n’ Role Models)

Paul Comrie (Actor)

Paul Cosgrove (Artist)

Paul Farren (Architect)

Paul Gerard McCormack (Poet)

Paul Hineman (Producer & Director)

Paul Lambie (Prop-maker & Animator)

Paul McCole (Actor)

Paul Michael Henry (Performance Artist)

Paul Rodger (Theatre Manager & Print Artist)

Paul Sneddon AKA Vladimir McTavish (Stand-up Comedian & Actor)

Paul Thomson (Musician, Franz Ferdinand)

Paul Thomson (Musician, Writer & Producer)

Paul Towndrow (Jazz Musician)

Paula Cherry (Musician, Stanley Odd)

Pauline Lynch (Writer & Actor)

Pearl Kinnear (Visual Artist)

Peesix (‘Doom Cabaret Chanteur’)

Pete MacDonald (Musician)

Pete Smith (Field Recordist & Sound Designer)

Peter Arnott (Playwright)

Peter Begbie (Musician)

Peter Burnett (Writer)

Peter Curran (Negotiator, Musician & Writer)

Peter Gillies (Artist)

Peter Lannon (Theatre Maker)

Peter McGinty (Singer-Songwriter)

Peter McNally (Photographer)

Peter Morrison (Musician)

Peter Russell (Visual Artist)

Peter Thomson (Visual Artist)

Peter Tudhope (Artist)

Phil McMenemy (Photographer)

Philip Barratt (Graphic Artist)

Philip Johnson (Musician & Guitarist)

Phoebe Batham (Designer)

POL Arida (Artist & Composer)

Polly Thelwall (Artist)

Quintin Jardine (Author)

R L McKinney (Author)

R. Eric Swanepoel (Writer & Charity Worker)

Rab Wilson (Poet)

Rachael Robertson (Photographer)

Rachel Aisling Smith (Theatre & Dance Artist)

Rachel Amey (Writer, Performer)

Rachel Bell (Artist)

Rachel McCrum (Poet)

Rachel Newton (Musician)

Rachel O’Neill (Artist & Performance Designer)

Raghnaid Sandilands (Translator)

Ray Campbell Lupton (Designer)

Ray Crofter (Actor)

Raych Campbell (Art Director & Creative)

Raymond Soltysek (Short Story writer, Scriptwriter & Teacher)

Raymond Vettese (Poet)

Rebecca Rodgers (Actor)

Rebecca Sillars (History Student)

Rebecca Torres (Fashion Designer)

Reuben Toy (Musician, The Merrylees)

Rhona-Mairead Sweeting (Blogger, Journalist & Commercial Writer)

Rhys Lithgow (Musician)

Richard Chater (Managing Partner at Numbers)

Richard Craig (Musician & Composer)

Richard Ingham (Musician)

Richie Cumming (Visual Artist)

Ricky Ross (Musician & Songwriter)

Rik Hammond (Visual Artist)

Rita Winters (Community Artist)

RM Hubbert (Musician)

Roanne Dods (Producer)

Rob A Mackenzie (Poet)

Rob Jones (Director & Sound Designer)

Rob Thorburn (Circus Artist & Producer)

Robbie Greig (Fiddler)

Robbie Johnson (Musician & Guitarist)

Robert Alan Jamieson (Writer)

Robert Coia (Sculptor)

Robert Crawford (Poet)

Robert J Duncan (Teacher)

Robin Drummond (Cultural Activist)

Robin Haig (Filmmaker & Crofter)

Robin Johnson (Playwright)

Roddy Shippin (Poet)

Roddy Woomble (Musician)

Ron Ferguson (Writer)

Rona Hyslop (Painter)

Rona Wilkie (Musician)

Ronnie Forbes (Painter & Filmmaker)

Ronnie Heeps (Visual Artist)

Ronnie MacThomas (Sculptor)

Rory Anderson (Musician)

Ros Gasson (Musician & Photographer)

Ròs Hunter (Teacher, Educator & Events Organiser)

Rosa Barbour (English Literature Student)

Rose Fraser Ritchie (Poet)

Rosie Crerar (Producer)

Rosie Reid (Theatre Maker)

Rosie Walker (Visual Artist)

Ross Aitchison (Architectural Designer, Writer & Cultural Activist)

Ross Campbell (Composer, Songwriter & Producer)

Ross Colquhoun (Visual Artist & Cultural Activist)

Ross Couper (Musician)

Ross Hamilton Frew (Artist)

Ross Hogg (Film-maker)

Ross Macfarlane (Theatre Maker, Vocal Coach & Arts Facilitator)

Ross Sinclair (Artist)

Rossco Galloway (Songwriter)

Roxana Vilk (Filmmaker & Musician)

Roy Moller (Musician & Poet)

Roy Petrie (Artist)

Ruairidh C. Moir (Architectural Designer, BARD)

Ruairidh Graham (Musician, Niteworks)

Ruari McKelvie-Sutherland (musician)

Ruaridh Pringle (Writer, Musician, Singer-songwriter & Builder)

Rune Lilledal Hansen (Musician, Stanley Odd)

Ruth Allan (Writer & Actor)

Ruth Barrie (Film maker & Musician)

Ruth Mills (Choreographer)

Ruth Wishart (Journalist & Broadcaster)

Ryan Joseph Burns (Musician)

Ryan MacDonald (Graphic Designer)

Ryan McGoverne (Photographer)

Ryan Sandison (Musician, The Merrylees)

Ryan Van Winkle (Poet)

S. Thompson (Actress)

Sabine Hellmann (Filmmaker & Graphic Designer)

Sally Evans (Poet, Editor & Bookseller)

Sally Simpson (Music Student)

Sam Ainsley (Artist)

Sam Bradley (Composer)

Sam Ferguson (Filmmaker)

Sandra Alland (Writer & Artist)

Sandra Whyte (Photographer)

Sandy Grant (Artist)

Sandy Power (Musician, Songwriter & Poet)

Sandy Wright (Musician & Songwriter)

Sara Forbes (Film Producer)

Sara Sheridan (Writer)

Sarah Beattie-Smith (Artist & Activist)

Sarah Begg (Arts Administrator)

Sarah Broadley (Writer)

Sarah Drummond (Designer)

Sarah MacDonald (Theatre-maker & Director)

Sarah Northcott (Artist)

Sarah Raffel (Jewellery Designer)

Sarah Rundell (Musician)

Sarah Wright (Artist)

Scott Caruth (Artist)

Scott Gemmell (Visual Artist)

Scott Hames (Critic)

Scott Maskame (Musician)

Scott McCafferty (Musician, Bombskare)

Scott Renton (Songwriter)

Scott Rinning (Musician)

Sean Cumming (Musician, John Knox Sex Club)

Sean Purser (Producer, Writer & Photographer)

Sean Saez (Poet, Film-maker & Activist)

Sean Thomson (Musician & Agent)

Sean Watson (Musician, White Heath)

Seimi Rowan (Musician & Composer

Seweryna ‘Sev’ Dudzinska (Actress, Singer & Composer)

Shambles Miller (Singer & Songwriter)

Shannon Lavery (Actor)

Sharon King (Singer, Songwriter & Author)

Sharon MacGregor (Poet)

Sheena Wellington (Traditional Artist)

Shell C. Hamilton (Artist & Activist)

Shona Masson (Musician)

Shona Mooney (Musician, Composer & Teacher)

Shoubhik Bandopadhyay (Musician, White Heath)

Sian Bevan (Performer & Writer)

Simon Allan (Musician, The Merrylees)

Simon Baker (Photographer, Engineer & Designer)

Simon Thacker (Musician & Composer)

Simon Thoumire (Creative Director of Hands Up For Trad)

Sinead O’Donnell Dunn (Ceramicist)

Siri Rodnes (Film-maker)

Sita Pieraccini (Musician, Singer & Performance Artist)

Skye Reynolds (Movement Artist)

Soizig Carey (Designer)

Somhairle MacDonald (Graphic Designer)

Sophie Cooke (Author)

Sophie Ramsay (Singer-Songwriter)

Sorren Maclean (Musican)

Spudd (Artist & musician)

Squish Kibosh (Polymath)

Stacey Hunter (Design Curator)

Stephanie Harrison-Boond (Harpist)

Stephen Black (Musician)

Stephen Brackenridge  (Playwright)

Stephen Donkin (Musician)

Stephen Greenhorn (Dramatist)

Stephen Hurrel (Artist)

Stephen Lynas (FRIAS RIBA. Chartered Architect, iDraw Plan Limited)

Stephen Mccole (Actor, Director & DJ)

Stephen McGourty (Musician)

Stephen McLaren (Artist)

Stephen Paterson (Development Officer & Noise Musician)

Stephen Paton (Producer)

Steve Byrne ( Singer, Ethnologist, Community Arts Worker)

Steve Reynolds (Artist)

Steven Clark AKA Sci-Fi Steven (musician)

Steven Grainger (Artist)

Steven Scott (Photographer)

Steven Swinney (Freelance Designer)

Stewart Bremner (Artist & Designer)

Stuart A Paterson (Poet & Performer)

Stuart Braithwaite (Musician, Mogwai)

Stuart Chalmers (Graphic Designer, DJ & Musician)

Stuart Cordiner (Musician, Graphic Designer, retired Senior Lecturer)

Stuart Crawford (Photographer & Filmmaker)

Stuart Eydmann (Musician)

Stuart McHardy (Writer, Storyteller, Poet & Musician)

Stuart Murphy (Artist)

Susan Forgie (Producer & Promoter)

Susie Kelly (Musician & Tutor)

Suzanne Enterkin-Grogan (Painter)

Swithun Crowe (Photographer)

Sybren Renema (Artist & musician)

Sylvia Law (Sound Artist)

Szursa (Musician, Songwriter & Producer)

Tam Dean Burn (Actor, Theatre-maker)

Tam Hetherton (Actor & Performer)

Tania Cristina Grant (Performer)

Tarlochan Gata-Aura (Wordpower Books)

Tassy Thompson (Landscape Designer & Sculptor)

Tessa Ransford (Poet, Translator & Cultural Activist)

The Barrastinian (DJ)

The Lonely Piper (Artist & Writer)

Thea McMillan (Architect)

Theresa Munoz (Poet & Critic)

Thilo Pfander (Musician,Stanley Odd)

Thom Cross (Writer & Dramatist)

Tim Pearson (Jetpace Design)

Tim Porteus (Storyteller & Columnist)

Tim Reid (Video designer)

Tim Sandys (Artist)

Tina Alexandra MacLeod (Visual Artist, Crofter)

Tobias Feltus (Animator)

Tom Everett (Drummer, Songwriter & Author)

Tom Fergus Arnott (Writer, Musician & Actor)

Tom Hubbard (Novelist, Poet, Literary Scholar & Cultural Worker)

Tom McEwan (Book Artist/Designer Bookbinder)

Tom McFadyen (Musician)

Tom Pow (Poet)

Tom Pritchard (Artist)

Tom Russell (Actor)

Tom Scholefield (Artist & Musician)

Tom Smith (Musician)

Tom Urie (Actor/Musician)

Tom Warren (Designer)

Tomás Sheridan (Film Director & Producer at Polifilm Media Ltd)

Tommy Mackay (Songwriter, Daily Reckless Editor)

Tommy Stuart (Musician, Remember Remember)

Tony Black (Writer)

Tony Dunsworth (Designer Director)

Tony Reekie (Festival Director, Producer)

Tricia Munoz (Publicist, Events)

Val McLean (Visual Artist)

Valerie Brackenridge (Actor)

Valerie Bryan (Musician)

Valerie Goodman (Poet & Writer)

Veronica Liddell (Artist)

Vicky Mohieddeen (Filmmaker)

Victoria Kerr (Creative & Designer)

Victoria Payton (Designer)

Vince Docherty (Actor)

Virginia Colley (Artist)

Virginia Heath (Film Director)

Virginia Hutchison (Visual Artist)

Virginia Radcliffe (Artistic Director, Playwright & Actor)

Viv Gee (Comedian, Actor & Writer)

Vonny Moyes (Writer)

Will Anderson (Animator)

Will Golding (Community Education Worker)

William Baird (Musician)

William Bonar (Poet)

William Letford (Poet)

William Love (Cabinet maker)

Willie Campbell (Songwriter & Musician)

Willie Fotheringham (Actor)

Xana Marwick (Performance Maker)

Yasmin Al-Hadithi (Documentary Film-maker)

Yvonne Buskie (Visual Artist)

Yvonne McLellan (Music Publisher)

Zarya Rathe (Archivist)

Zoe Venditozzi (Writer)

With Thanks to Jenny Lindsay, Ross Colquhoun, Kevin Williamson, Victoria Kerr & Mairi McFadyen for collating this list.

Please write in the comments below if your name is missing or if you would like your name to be added.