A Choice Between Two Futures

Today, Scotland will decide between two futures.

In one, we will take control.
We will take responsibility for the risks;
We will bear the brunt of our own decisions and we will reap the rewards of our own success.

In the other, the status quo will remain unchallenged.
The needs of the few over the needs of the many.
Real change will remain elusive, Our parliament hamstrung by choices elsewhere,.
We will stand at the margins of progress.

In one, we will enter the world as an independent country.
We will join the community of nations as equals.
The story we share will be decided by the people who live here.
Scotland’s voice will be heard.

In the other, our voice will stay unheard.
We will hand back the power to decide Scotland’s future to Westminster.
We will legitimise their choices.
And they will carry on with glee.

One will be a country ignited by hope;
The hope that, by coming together, we can build a better world.

An other will bring a constant wondering of what could have been.
Our chance to try for something new gone.

Today we rewrite the foundations of our future.
Today, we imagine a better Scotland.
Vote Yes.

National Collective


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  1. Jackie Dawson

    It was one fight and they won, but 10% but what did they win. More wars. NHS threatened etc etc. The yes campaign for change has not gone away and will not go away. Scotland can be better than this, better than these god awful food banks…….there is a better way. ,

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