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Gav Prentice is a Glasgow based musician originally from Bathgate, West Lothian. He is one half of the euphoric pop duo Over the Wall, best known for their debut album 'Treacherous' on Motive Sounds Recordings, their Around The Isles in 80 Days endurance tour of Britain and Ireland, and their flagship anthem 'Thurso', borrowed for the theme of BBC comedy series Burnistoun. His debut solo album The Invisible Hand was released in 2012, containing original songs which would later feature in National Theatre of Scotland’s 'Rantin', in which he also performed for its nationwide tour in 2014. Over the Wall recently released the 'This Is How We Did It' EP before announcing their split with a run of farewell performances in May 2014. Gav plans to work with a variety of producers on new solo recordings in an independent Scotland later in the year.