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For just a modest donation, you can help support the arts campaign for Scottish independence. Please select the amount you wish to donate below as either a one-off or recurring donation.

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Why we need your donations

To win in 2014, we need to inspire and engage the Scottish public in a way that has never been seen before. The pro-independence message needs to be articulated in a professional, persuasive and accessable manner. This is not politics as usual. We need to establish a creative foundation to base a movement upon. After all, we are talking about the ultimate creative act: creating a new nation.

Too many Scots have been left disengaged and confused by the debate so far. We need to challenge, inform and persuade the public of our case: that with independence comes hope, opportunity and progress.

We can’t expect the mainstream media to do this for us. Thankfully, we don’t have to. Through an effective online presence and a sophisticated campaign on the ground, we can reach people directly.

We can continue to engage the artistic and creative community, ask them think about what an independent Scotland can mean for culture, the arts and wider society.

We can continue to bring the issues directly to those who aren’t interested in party politics, with young Scots in particular crying out for a message that they can relate to and which speaks to them.

We can continue to give a platform to unheard voices, and make sure that the debate is as broad and diverse as possible.

We can continue to work on new creative ways of convincing the sceptical and persuading the undecided. By using new media alongside in-depth research, we can tackle the big issues with the nuance and honesty that come from being a non-party political organisation. We want to create art, graphics, films, literature and music.

And let’s not forget – we all should be having fun. This campaign can’t just be about trading soundbites or quoting statistics. We want the national movement to be progressive, inclusive and outward-looking.

For just a modest donation, you can help us in establishing a self-sustaining arts campaign that can support the wider Yes campaign.


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