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With the most exciting political period for centuries fast approaching Scotland, now is the time for the country’s creative community to help shape the vision of a new society and nation.

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  1. Robert Maguire

    Westminster is full of self serving people looking out for themselves. W.M.D. and one country invaded after another, not the kind of country I wish for my grandchildren. I believe Independence will bring new opportunities and markets to take forward. U.K. has a bad name around the World through the London government.

  2. Forbes Terris

    I agree with Robert. I wish to live in a decent “small” country that doesn’t aspire to punch above its weight, that doesn’t threaten those other countries around the world in the name of freedom and that fosters community and above all self-determination. I also see the day after Independence being the start and not the end of the process..

  3. kenneth mackinnon

    Regaining political freedom, democratic control, control of our own resources, emerging from our status as England’s vassal state, the dignity, economic confidence that comes with it, and the defense of basic rights such as Education and Health, not to mention our identity are sufficient reasons to regain our Nationhood.

  4. May Mayberry

    So glad to have found you! I want the Scottish people to believe in themselves and believe that they are capable of doing things for themselves successfully. We need to rid ourselves of our collective self doubt.

  5. David Ian Lightbody

    I am more and more convinced that independence makes sense at almost every level. It will bring confidence to Scottish kids, give responsibility to Scottish adults, and place the onus on Scots to self determine our own future. Carpe Diem. Scotland does not need to punch above its weight, but it must utilize the brilliant resources of Scotland properly. The educated people, the land ready to produce renewable energy and the cultural heritage of Scotland are second to none. We need to use them properly, and not allow ourselves to be overshadowed by overbearing Tories doon sooth in London, who are only concerned about waving flags and scoring points over the French. They run the UK more like a football team rather than a democratic union. Scotland never had the chance to vote on whether or not to be in a union with England, now we should make our voices heard through the ballot box. Friendly neighbours are better than disgruntled flatmates. Scotland is a special place, and we deserve to be allowed to be special people again.

  6. kenneth mackinnon

    Iconography is important….reworked Hollywood cliches are required,,,,get working.
    Bruce used the Lion Rampant to great effect….now only allowed to be flown when the Queen is in town !! Why you never see it flying from Govt. buildings.

  7. Alison Ross

    Independance is SO obviously the next step for Scotland- sooner they lift a foot and step out, the better. Can get on with life again. Why is tipping point taking so long to achieve? Who is it that is lacking courage / faith (ie. leadership) here?

  8. Legend3

    It’s really quite simple. If you don’t mind having a UK government routinely elected by the majority vote in England, then vote no to independence.
    If, in a UK election, all of Scotland voted for a Labour government ( not that I hope for that) and the majority in England voted Tory, then a Tory government it is. It has never been in the interest of England to have an economically viable Scotland on her northern border.
    This is why the perception of us being subsidy junkies has always been promoted by those who support the UK. Forgotten is the time when our first Minister forced Allan Clark, secretary to the treasury, to eventually admit that Scotland paid more into the UK than she received.

    1. Andrew Haddow

      “It has never been in the interest of England to have an economically viable Scotland on her northern border”
      Spot on. That’s why after discovering oil, they hid it’s true value (McCrone Report), extracted it as fast as possible while lying to us (Bangladesh anyone?) and destroyed our industries. They did everything they could to make sure Scotland was NOT viable. They were, and still are, terrified that the Scottish people learn the true position.

  9. Red Sheep

    The world is becoming more globalised with every passing year. We are at a point where if we don’t establish our own independance , we may be forever consigned to be thought of as little more than North Britain. It will be a big push, and I know that the right decision will be made

    1. Heidi Murphy

      I completely agree, it’s about forging an international identity which isn’t heather, kilts or the ‘English one with the funny accents’.

  10. Margaret O'Hagan

    I am really hoping that most of the Scottish people will vote for an independent Scotland. I long to get away from Westminster and the way they waste money on funerals, expenses and their austerity measures. When all the rest of us have to suffer a government that we never voted for.

  11. paul james turnbull

    Thank You National Collective for not only bringing us unbiased informative news that is imperative to be in the public domain if we ever aspire to have a fair and just society, but thank you also for your unflinching professional attitude in the face of what i could only describe as sheer intimidation and bullying by very powerful forces who in any other situation would have the upper hand with there money and resources, I suspect they have picked the wrong fight this time. Usually I am all behind Alex Salmond’s tactics of not talking down the other side, not to slander or highlight wrongdoings and just let themselves shake themselves to bits, But this time its gone to far by impeaching free speech in the favor of political Saboteurs who conspire to keeps Scottish resource’s and money. Thank you !

  12. Robert Ritchie

    I am a passionate Scot who wants to see our country governed in Edinburgh by Scots and not by foreigners in Westminster.It is not criminal to ask and seek our own destiny with our own Saltire emblem flying high over our government buildings,it is our statutory divine right and campaigners against the split should recognize that

  13. Tom Murphy

    I’ve lived through various labour governments who have unashamedly reneged
    on their promises to the Scottish electorate as soon as they drank from the goblet
    of ”Power” – and I’ve lived through various tory governments who, in retaliation,
    systematically demolished Scotland’s industry and sense of worth for not voting
    conservative. I shudder to contemplate my descendants facing another 300 years
    of Westminster dictatorship and deprecation. We MUST vote INDEPENDENCE!

  14. Colin MacLeod

    Surely as a Nation we can at last take responsibility for running our own country without being told by an unrepresentative clique in Westminster what is and isn’t good for us. The hope that Independence will mean the end of weapons of mass destruction in Scotland is, for me, the greatest bonus of voting YES in 2014.

  15. Ian Carr

    There are a lot of people still to be convinced, and a lot of people lacking confidence but independence is very much possible if we all unite together and maintain sight of the bigger picture. We are a Nation, however we have too long been subjected to a media with a unionist agenda and this has left a negative legacy for any Nationalist in our generation to put right. However, finally the table is starting to turn. Suddenly talking about our Revolution sounds less like a whisper as September 2014 draws ever closer.

  16. Catriona MacKenzie Hyde

    I think Scotland needs to make this campaign more visible, bring it to international attention, no one knows about it, which is sad. I was born in Australia, to Scottish parents, and I for one was fed up with the average Aussie thinking Scotland was in England!

  17. william brennan

    i am so sorry i would like to become a member but i keep getting knocked back why do other sites accept my credentials but not here

  18. Dr Michael White

    My background was North Wales, but our problems are oh so similar. Our population is much smaller than Scotland’s, we’ve only about 3 million. We have one large city – Caerdydd, all the rest are small. We are mostly rural with beautiful mountains and coastline. I wish Scotland every success in it’s vote for freedom next year, it’s been a very long time coming. I think the lesson plans are a despicable idea ~ but typically Westminster. I agree that your students should be given open and honest information: then they will be able to make an informed choice. All the Celtic countries place very high value on good education, something that England has yet to learn. By the way all our documents in Wales are bilingual, you just use whichever side of the page that you wish to. So my advice is to make sure you produce Scots and Gaelic material too. Good luck with an AYE, and may Wales follow close behind you. Michael

  19. Kevin Murphy

    Can’t imagine anyone saying, ‘Let’s invade Norway and Iceland so we can put an end to their smug, look-at-us, enlightened high tax compassionate tomfoolery. Give ’em a taste of miserabilist Scottish steel.’

  20. tom tomney

    It is about much more than Independence it is about forging a New Nation with pride and the hope it becomes more than a nation but a National Community built on trust, honesty and diligence. We must break fro the Sleaze and corruption that has dogged Westminster. Westminster can not be trusted! Vote Yes 2014 and Join the Scottish People Party to a be apart of True Democracy!

  21. Douglas MacLean

    I too, wish to live in a better and fairer Scotland, without the constant negativity which comes from Wasteminster. They, (Wasteminster) have been stripping Scotland of its assets for centuries. Scotland has so much talent and so much to give as this site confirms. Let us send a message to those ‘Parcel o’ Rogues in a Nation’ who would sell out Scotland for their own selfish ends.

  22. Charles Alexander

    It is the most natural thing in the world to want to be set free from a relationship. which has not proved successful for one of the partners; despite that partners best efforts.

  23. James Alexander

    Having watched Alan Bissetts’s excellent contribution on Newsnight Scotland I am totally convinced to join the National Collective. I’m a committed YES person anyway. Also, as a Musicians Union member for decades I’m tempted to tell them to ‘stick it’ given their stance on INDEPENDENCE.

  24. Craig Brown

    Hi, I’m new to this site, looking forward to discussing, listening and learning more about who we are as a nation and hopefully my words, ideas and perspectives will contribute towards our growing confidence.

  25. Ronnie McDonald

    I could not face my grandchildren and great grandchildren if I didnt do my utmost to secure a better country for their future…….THEIR country, THEIR future, THEIR independent Scotland

  26. TweeterCal

    Scotland has become tired. She is broken. Her bones are brittle and the joints ache. She has been suppressed for too long and her dreams have faded. Set her free again. Let her play and sing with optimistic voice, the voice the world hasn’t heard for 300 years. Let her regain her youthful energies and dance with the world. The dance of hope for all. Set her free.

  27. Alan Robb

    Better to live one day on your feet.than a lifetime on your knees.We owe it to future generations to make Indepedence a reality.Time to take responsibility for our own destiny,and the future of our country.

  28. Kevin Hayes

    I have supported Scottish independence since the campaign first began. It is the duty of every Scottish person to make their voice heard in 2014 and cast their vote. I can only hope the Scottish public vote in favour of independence and freedom from tyrannical rule south of the border. i am reminded of Thatchers government fabricating statistics to the Scottish people regarding North Sea oil revenues in order to silence and outcry for separation. With a union like that, who needs enemies? We have to stand up and believe in ourselves and show Westminster how to properly run a country.

  29. pawl dunbar

    The situation in Cornwall is like it was in Scotland maybe fifty or so years ago… in Wales maybe 25 years ago… my hope and belief is that Scotland will vote YES and make such a fair, democratic, social and economic success of independence that those in Cornwall and Wales who currently think that we are also ‘too wee, too puir and too stupid…’ will rapidly realise that we, too, need independence to free us from the blood-sucking leeches in the London regime. Go for it, Scotland – we need you to break through that rotten door, to break that rusty chain…

  30. Mike Ogilvie

    To live in a country which is fair and just, that holds its own people closer to its heart than the profits of a few multi-nationals. Where kids can get a proper education and good start in life while at the same time our pensioners can be well cared for and safely live their lives out! A Scotland that has no excuses and takes responsibility for itself!!!

  31. Anne Gomez

    I am a singer songwriter and performer of Trad song..I was fortunate to have been raised in a Socialist Community where Culture and Creativity was seen as an essential ingredient for our place in the International tapestry of Social Value in our globe…My passion is for our young to develop our diversity of cultures, under the Scottish umbrella,towards a thriving and colourful Nation that fits as a confident and respectful member of our Globe…It seems to me that for this to be a possibility, Scotland needs to be an Independent Country,free of what I perceive as the tyrany of Westminster….I will vote YES

  32. Andrew MacDonald

    Scotland’s future lies with its people. Issues such as membership of the European Union, NATO, The Commonwealth or whether or not we should be a Republic are not for political manifestos. They must be decided by hte electorate in referenda.

  33. Jimmy Elder

    Scotland does not only have the financial resources available to be a; competitive, inclusive, compassionate, and fair society, its people also have the ability and desire to make it so.

  34. will


    (a rough draft – and suggestion for a poster campaign aimed at doubters)

    Why? Because if you don’t , within a few years, you won’t have:
    NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE, and all the common rights that were part of the settlement, agreed, will be ripped up. GET IT STRAIGHT, it’s not Scotland that is leaving Britain, it’s England. A free Scotland will preserve and enhance the common rights that were part of the settlement agreed between the classes after WW2, and have now been ripped up by the the lib/dem Tory govenment much of which the Labour Party has signed up to. A free and democratic Scotland will still be in the British isles, and in it, the values which Britain once up held, and many died for, and the commonm decency and mutual respect which went hand in hand with those values, will continue. So if you don’t want to live in a land ruled by the rich for the rich, where the Bankers in the city of London don’t have a hand in your pocket, and you want to stay BRITISH remember, VOTE FOR INDEPENDENCE

  35. Roy Pedersen

    Here’s a scare story about the consequences of voting NO
    What seems to be lacking in the debate, however, is the biggest danger of all – namely the record indebtedness of the UK – one of the worst, if not the worst, in the
    western world, at over one trillion pounds in terms of government debt alone,
    and rapidly getting bigger by the day. Add to that corporate, bank and personal
    debt and unfunded liabilities such as pensions and the total is enormous,
    calculated by the respected Galvan Research to be nine times the country’s GDP.
    That is about the same level as Weimar Germany’s in the 1920s, where resulting
    hyperinflation and unemployment brought misery to millions.

    Now, while interest rates are at record lows, this debt is just about sustainable, when they rise, as is inevitable, the UK will effectively be insolvent. What then for UK pensions, the NHS, the armed services, the public sector and the pound? We all know if a person, family, company or nation lives beyond their means, they come
    a cropper. The future for the UK and Scotland, if it remains part of the UK, is
    dire, the only uncertainty is when the catastrophe will be triggered.

    With independence, however, Scotland will, of course inherit its per-capita share of the current UK debt at something under 100 billion pounds. This is a big number, but with at least 300 billion pounds of revenue from proven oil reserves, an independent Scotland, unlike the UK, will be in a position to wipe out this debt and, thereafter, amass a very substantial sovereign fund with which to secure a prosperous future for our country.

    The choice, therefore, is clear. Vote NO and share the consequences of UK insolvency – falling living standards, unemployment and a wipe-out of savings and pensions. Or alternatively vote YES and let Scotland develop as fair and affluent

  36. Alan McCusker

    From the raft of evidence available on , and among other sources, it has become clear to anyone who chooses to look, that a Yes vote is crucial to the future prosperity of Scotland. Of course, the spin, selective reporting and news blackouts employed by the London Centric BBC are a desperate attempt to deceive the people and bury the truth and the positive, economic and social impact of an Independent Scotland. As someone who has worked in the media sector in different roles for over three decades, I also welcome the cultural freedom my own industry would enjoy in an Independent Scotland, and look forward to a media landscape with an international outlook, based in Scotland which serves and promotes Scotland around the world.

  37. John Swapp

    From an ENGLISHMAN, living in this great country; with its great people; these last 12 years. You and your people are great, compassionate and caring. You deserve better than the leeches at Westminster, taking all and delivering nothing! Let Scotlands taxes remain in Scotland and benefit the Scot’s. Sounds good. Make it true on Sept’ 18th 2014. Your only chance to free Scotland from a mismanaged Westminster government that has fed us lies and bullshit for over 40 years!

  38. P_Cochrane

    Independence is happening. We only have to confirm the date. Will it be on our own terms now or by abandonment in 50 years time when the oil runs out?

  39. George Paterson

    I will return to my homeland one day and I will take my place as a free citizen of an independent Alba.
    Not many countries get a chance to do what we are about to. This is just the beginning.

  40. Eddie

    We are a small group of TV/Film set actors, we have written a short film in true Scottish style about why Scotland should be Independent to be filmed in January. I would appreciate any input from members as to what they think should be included, sorry for being a bit vague however the script at this time is confidential. We will be looking for like minded Scots to take part in the film.

  41. Ann Jamieson

    Every Scottish child should have the chance to read the Radical Declaration of Independence and be encouraged to question it so that they can understand why they agree or disagree. Children are clever. They need to know how to navigate the social critiques of our times.

  42. Bill Cruickshank

    Wasn’t sure whether to join or not. Pretty hopeless at music, art etc. but then I thought, I can write a wee bit, so what the hell. Hope that’s ok?

  43. H,E. Robert Duff

    Scotland will be punished and damned by Westminster and The Welsh if we vote no.
    For starters we already know that we will lose four billion pounds (4,000,000,000) of our budget, plus we will have nuclear power stations foisted apron us with Trident still within our shores.
    They say Scotland will be given more power, where is it? There is no white paper produced by the Better Together Liars!

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