Media Watch: Rodge Glass on Independence

Rodge Glass, a lecturer in Creative Writing at Strathclyde University and former personal assistant to Alasdair Gray, on Scottish Independence:

“I’m that rare thing, an Englishman in Scotland who is pro-Independence.

“I just think that all nations should be independent. I think that if you are a country you should have independence. Also, I don’t have much trust for governments, and so I think that the closer we are to our political idiots, the better (because we are able to throw stones at them!).

“I think it (Scottish independence) would make for a healthier relationship between Scotland and England. This (Scotland) is a very rich cultural space and it deserves the same rights as Sweden and any other country of 5-6 million people.”

Taken from ‘My Life in Five Books – Episode 3’ by the BBC.