Alex Aitchison (Illustrator & Photographer): We’re Held Back By A Distant Westminster Government

Alex Aitchison is a student at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, in his 3rd year of a BA(Hons) degree in Visual Communication. Working predominantly with photography and illustration, Alex’s current interest is in documenting the lead up to the 2014 Referendum and exploring Scotland’s rich cultural heritage.

Parallel to his studies, Alex has worked with the National Theatre of Scotland photographing Macbeth and An Appointment With The Wickerman and has also collaborated with students at The University of St Andrews to create a visual identity for Wemyss & Other Wares: A Celebration of Kirkcaldy Pottery.

Scottish heritage and culture plays a significant role within Alex’s work.

Alex believes that Scotland is ‘held back by Westminster’, he said:

Growing up it never occurred to me that Holyrood didn’t make all of Scotland’s decisions. Devolution has created a parliament where all parties work together with the people of Scotland, for the people of Scotland. Holyrood has begun the work of building a fairer society. Now is the time to give it the political tools to take a step further, not held back by a distant Westminster government where Scottish voices are drowned out. I feel proud to be of a generation of Scots who have the opportunities the Independence movement offers.  We need not be afraid of change, we should welcome it with open arms. If we don’t jump, we’ll never see how high we can go.”

On joining National Collective he said:

Images have always played an important role in shaping our identity, our culture and our perspective on history. Art has an immeasurable power to influence people, to inspire ideas and to motivate change. To be an art student in the run up to the referendum allows me to contribute in my own way towards a more confident Scotland. 2014 will be the year I graduate. What better way to begin my professional career than as part of a growing, progressive creative industry in Scotland. National Collective is laying the groundwork for a new cultural landscape to emerge. Encouraging creative potential by bringing together a broad spectrum of artists, National Collective is engaging in Scotland’s constitutional debate in a fresh and positive manner that can only be good for the country.”


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