This Week In Indy Podcasting #1

As we broadcast (or are intending to in future) every Sunday and Wednesday, I think it is probably better that we take the start of the calendar week, Sunday, and not the work week, Monday, as our starting point. As a bonus, I know that my compadre Lallands Peat Worrier will enjoy the use such an archaism.

Therefore, our first podcast of the week was the second episode of For A’ That and this time above-mentioned vexer of wetlands were joined by Natalie McGarry. We had a chat about the bigot stramash involving Cardinal Keith and Ruth Davidson, the possible televising of trials, Billy Connolly Syndrome, and the relationship of Scotland with some of its (nearer) Diasporas.

The second podcast of the week was The Scottish Independence Podcast episode 11. This was an interview with (in) activist and blogger Doug Daniel in which we talked about the prospects for the Yes campaign in the Aberdeen area, in which it looks like some serious work is needed. We also found some time to pick apart the LibDems plans for a federal Britain should there be a no vote.

All of the podcasts can be found on our channel and we would be delighted to have you listen to any of them. It seems that some people are discovering the podcasts and then starting from the start and working their way through. There are certainly worse things you could do.

Finally, there will be another episode of For A’ That available on Sunday (around 12PM as usual) and I am happy to announce that the next guest on the Scottish Independence Podcast will be none other than Patrick Harvie.

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