This Week In Indy Podcasting #3

I suppose it would be more accurate to call this a This Week & A Half In Indy Podcasting as due to one thing and another one of the podcasts was delayed, as was this write-up.

Anyway, to business.

For A’ That – Episode 4 – Hypothetically

Last Saturday Andrew and myself spoke with Gary Dunion of, amongst other things, Bright Green Scotland.

We talked about Starbucks and other hypothetical/alleged tax dodgers. We talked about the hypothetical/alleged removal of Palestinian flags from Celtic Supporters yesterday and the hypothetical/alleged police harassment of the group known as the Green Brigade. This is a link to their statement that we talked about.

We also got on to some possible difficulties that the Civil Service might have over the referendum question and the recent non-but-we-could-if-we-wanted intervention of the House of Lords in the whole affair.

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Scottish Independence Podcast 13

For Episode 13 I spoke with Robin McAlpine who again, amongst other things, is the editor of Scottish Left Review and the director of the advocacy group The Reid Foundation.

Democracy was a big theme in the discussion and we spoke about the importance of mapping out the stages of the independence process and how democracy is key in every part of that. We also talked about the weakness of local democracy in Britain in general and Scotland in particular and how this is something that needs changing.

Furthermore, we talked about the hollowing out of democracy that has been successfully carried out by the neoliberal institutions and why Scottish Independence will help to at least improve this situation.

A very interesting point on why it is crucial not to allow cultural arguments to be removed from the Independence debate is in there somewhere as well.

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For A’ That – Episode 5 – All Aboard!

For A’ That podcast we have ventured into a new area for us in that we had a 4-way discussion.

Joining  Andrew and myself this time were former Scottish Socialist MSP Carolyn Leckie and Mike Small the editor of Bella Caledonia.

We discussed the goings on at the Radical Indy conference in Glasgow last Saturday and some of the media coverage thereof, the idea of voter registration campaigns before the referendum and the murky world of funding and how it relates to £750 dinners  gets a look in again.

We also discussed the necessity of having a serious dialogue about gender in Scotland.

Finally, we had a word about that flier. All Aboard!

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