Project: Great Scot

Great Scot is a new arts project with the aim of documenting the creative, athletic and political personalities who have worked to develop and define the cultural output of Scotland. Through a series of photographs, interviews and performances, Great Scot will feature Cultural Icons discussing their careers, their impressions of Scotland, and their vision for the future of the nation. 

From small things, big things come.” 

The next year and a half is critical for Scotland. By the end of 2014, those who call this land home will have cast their once in a lifetime vote to decide whether Scotland should be an independent country. Until the polling booths close and the votes are counted Holyrood; the mainstream media; social platforms; local pubs; and the school gates will be abuzz with debate and discussion about whether to retain the status quo or to embrace the opportunity for the real change afforded by saying ‘Yes’. Scotland is a small country with a big personality. Sitting upon a wealth of creativity, vision & strength, the people of Scotland have always made an important impact at home and abroad.

The Great Scot Project was conceived as a relief to the increasingly fierce debate coming over the next eighteen months. Great Scot is here to encourage people to remember, between the rows and disagreements, that we have a people to be proud of, regardless of political affiliation or persuasion. Scotland is full of talents who have gone out onto the world stage to showcase our country. Now it is our time to showcase them.

Keep a keen eye out for future interviews with Senior Politicians, “Hollywood” Actors and more in the future, but if you are a Great Scot and have made a significant contribution to Scottish Culture or would like to suggest someone you would like to see interviewed please feel free to send an email, or even tweet me @alexaitch

Today I am incredibly excited to announce the first in the series of this continuing project, an interview with the musician and writer Pat Kane in which he discusses his time with Hue & Cry, his Rectorship at the University of Glasgow, his work with The Play Ethic, Scottish independence, and more.

We will publishing the interview with this first cultural icon, our first Great Scot, shortly.

Alex Aitchison
National Collective