Changin Scotland: 22nd—24th March

A weekend of politics, culture and ideas … And fun! 

Friday March 22nd-March 24th  – The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

Come and join Gerry Hassan and Jean Urquhart for the latest weekend of good conversation and challenging ideas and celebrate our 21st weekend.

A wonderful experience of intimate, thoughtful exchange in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. Peter Oborne


Speakers include:

Writers John Aberdein, Jenni Calder and Scott Hames on cultural independence and the book Unstated: Writers on Scottish Independence

Alex Massie on the limits of nationalism and Scottish independence 

Lorna J. Waite and Elsie Mitchell on women, language and political power in Scotland

Michael Gardiner on the The Scottish Debate and the British Bubble

Architect Malcolm Fraser on how Scotland’s small towns speak for themselves

Special sessions on: How do we change Scotland?

Susan Pettie and Zara Kitson of Say So Scotland on the potential of the Citizen’s Assembly

David Eyre of Oxfam Scotland and Gerry Hassan on resources of social change


Please Contact for Booking: The Ceilidh Place Reception: 01854-612103

  • Weekend ticket for sessions: £60
  • Accommodation available
  • Rooms also available in the Ceilidh Place itself – but limited numbers
  • Please cite Changin Scotland when phoning for booking 

Changin Scotland’s 21st weekend; blether, good times and a bit of party ……