Project: Wish Tree

The first ever event after the launch of Yes Scotland last year was a campaign tent at the Meadows Festival in Edinburgh. This weekend we were back at the Meadows Festival handing out flyers and asking people to sign the Yes Declaration, and we decided to try something a little different. Ròs Hunter suggested we should ask people to write down what they wanted to see in an independent Scotland, and we tied these messages up to create a wish tree.

People stopped to have a look and take photos, many of whom were undecided. It certainly added some colour and creativity to the event, and encouraged people to use their imaginations.

All Yes Scotland events should include a wish tree. It doesn’t cost much. All you need is some string and some tags which are available from post offices or stationary shops. If National Collective then collates all these wish trees at the end of the events we could create one enormous public art project. This will really make people think about what kind of society they want to see.

Please send your wish trees to us after your events. Contact for more details.

Andrew Redmond Barr
National Collective