To The Undecided: Should Scotland Become An Independent Country?

The question isn’t just ‘yes’ or ‘no’,

It’s should, and what, and where should we go?

It’s can and could and how and why?

It’s so much more than just nae or aye.

It’s can we make Scotland fair and just?

Can we thrive as a nation?

Is it worth all the fuss?

Our decision is more than a flag waving show,

It’s values and virtues and the people we know.

This referendum isn’t a competition between the Saltire and the Union Jack.

It’s about how do we build a better democracy and get our society back, on track.

It’s about whether we believe in improving things, or accept the status quo?

How best do we progress as quickly as possible – this decision is like a big fork in the road?

Two futures, one choice.

This is the greatest chance ever to give Scotland a voice.

That’s the reality of the situation we’re in.

But imagining a destination, or vision, is where to begin.

Think of the Scotland you want to see.

What bothers you?

What do you want us to be?

What makes you happy and sad and angry and driven?

What do you want to change?

Who do you want to govern?

Because our society is what we want it to be – and what we let it become.

No excuses, “nae buts”, this is our turn.

Our ancestors fought and marched and put their lives on the line.

For democracy, for your rights, for your chance to shine.

This isn’t about history though, or what Britain’s been through.

It’s about the challenges that face us today, and complacency just won’t do.

The NO campaign say the UK is “OK” – okay, okay the UK is “okay”.

But ask yourself when did that become enough?

When did we settle – when did so many give up?

What happened to “Great” – and adventure, and changing our world?

Why is our confidence and our strength so often unfurled?

What happened to ambition and development and helping each other?

What happened to the notions of community and collective endeavour?

What happened to the idea that things can improve?

UK governments seem to have forgotten that view.

The UK is “okay” but that isn’t the point.

The issue is where are UK governments taking us and how do we get things right.

“Okay” is okay for those who have money,

But for those without “okay” is neither fun nor funny.

That parliament in London is now less than a joke.

Westminster elections have become a pig and a poke.

The establishment in Britain, they call the shots.

The haves, the have mores, the keep lots and lots.

MPs are bullied and the media’s owned.

Big business and bankers, they’re in control.

But in Scotland we have the chance to start something new.

To get away from the fear, the manipulation, and the exploitation of your family, your friends and of you.

We can make something better and build something fresh.

We can inspire the good, and put the wind up the rest.

Obviously the UK politicians want us to cower.

This is the biggest threat to their hold on power.

So if you’re sick of a politics that’s vain and corrupt.

Then let’s change that, let’s mobilise, let’s have hope and wake up.

If you’re fed up of an economy that doesn’t reward.

Let’s share more with the producers and less with the Lords.

Let’s build an economy that’s stronger and fair.

Let’s share our resources, and ease any despair.

Forget all the scare stories, they’re just hot air and fluff.

It’s time to address poverty in Scotland – enough is enough.


Now solidarity should never stop at a border.

But change never happens if we accept the old order.

Britain was strong, and the Union used to work well.

But the modern world is demanding, and there’s no time for us to dwell.

Political evolution is required, and this is our chance.

Don’t look back or be brainwashed, “Great Britain” is now just a romance.

The future is Europe, that’s where we need to be.

More self-determined, internationalist and outward – playing our part equally.

The UK is UKIPing towards isolation, and that’s a big risk.

Avoiding that danger is something we can’t afford to miss.

We can’t afford to be undermined by narrow right-wingers moaning.

Look forward, not back, global competition is growing.

Now devo max may be attractive but it won’t be enough.

It won’t keep us out of wars we disagree with, or such other awful stuff.

We can’t just rock the boat, we need to get off it.

The UK ship is sinking, we need our own toolkit.

With independence we’ll have the foundations and powers to build a better vessel.

We’ll start strong and determined and ready for all that other countries manage to successfully wrestle.

We can handle complexities and attract global capital.

We can increase opportunities and become more than remarkable.

We can take on any difficulties, and handle them better.

We’ll meet the hard challenges and go forward together.

Scotland is rich in resources and booming with ideas.

We’re talented and motivated and have no reason to fear.

We’ve got oil and waves and talent and friends.

And independences is just the next step – a way to achieving more, not simply an end.

A half-parliament means we only half matter.

So let’s stop acting like a region and make ourselves matter.

Independence is a vehicle to drive our own way.

We’ll make good and bad choices, and yes it won’t be easy every day.

But the challenge is worth it, ‘cause we’ll build something better.

With our faith in the common good, we’ll improve things together.

This really is a big fork in the road.

Stick with mediocrity and austerity or take democratic control.

Responsibility brings rewards and the chance to get involved.

And yes it’ll take time to get some big problems solved.

But think of what we could achieve in decades to come.

Think how we’d grow and develop driving forward as one.

Ask yourself where you want us to be when you’re old or gone?

Then ask which parliament is committed to getting that job done?

Having some doubts is understandable so have a good think.

But for me the answer is clear and succinct.

Independence is normal and change brings unbound possibilities.

A better Scotland for all and a’ that is well within our capabilities.

So I’m voting ‘yes’ and many many others are too.

But the future of our country is really all down to you…

Ben Macpherson
National Collective