Writer of Sunshine on Leith Is Voting Yes


National Collective is delighted to reveal that Stephen Greenhorn, the writer of Sunshine on Leith, will be voting Yes to Scottish independence at next year’s historic referendum.

Sunshine on Leith has been a UK box office hit, with takings of almost £290,000 in its opening weekend. The film is a romantic comedy that tells the story of two soldiers returning from Afghanistan and trying to adjust to civilian life, to a soundtrack of the Proclaimers.

When asked why he will be voting Yes, he said:

Seems like such a simple question. But it’s clearly not. I’m reminded that every time I put my X in the box at a General Election I find myself wondering what exactly I’m being asked to vote on. Strictly speaking,  the question is ‘who  do I want as my MP?’ But we’re more and more encouraged to think that it’s ‘who do I want to be Prime Minister?’ While I have always tended to make my choice based on  ‘which party’s manifesto seems closest to my own views?’ Three very different questions. Potentially three very different answers. One small box.

So it is with the referendum. The argument over the exact wording on the ballot paper perhaps missed the point slightly. How people answer will depend on the question they actually ask themselves. The one they compose in their own head and heart.

I think the STUC realised this when they refused to simply endorse ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ but instead tried to frame the questions that they thought people ought to be asking. Two of the prompts they suggested were ‘ Which outcome provides the best prospect for social justice?’ and  ‘Which outcome provides the best scope for Scotland to flourish?’

Of course these are big questions too, but they helped me begin to crystalise my own thoughts. Helped me begin to unpick what the debate ought to be about – and ought not to be about.

For me, it’s not about fear, it’s about hope. It’s not about the past, it’s about the future. It’s not about tradition, it’s about ambition. It’s not about wealth, it’s about fairness. It’s not about Salmond or Cameron, it’s about my children and grand-children.  In truth, I think it’s about time.

It’s a big question.  But it demands a simple answer.  I’m voting Yes.”